Bike guiding in practice

For those who want to develop as a bicycle guide and get an orientation in important, basic knowledge.

Demand for bicycle guides is increasing in Sweden. Not least when it comes to trail cycling / mountain biking. It is a responsible assignment that places great knowledge requirements on the guide. Cycling on trails in the forest involves risks that need to be assessed and knowledge of first aid measures is needed. It is important to take land owners into account and you should be able to handle a group of individuals at different levels of knowledge.

The course is based on solid personal experience of leading groups as a cycling guide in mountain bike contexts. It is about how to practice hosting, what not to do, what equipment is needed. Another important tool as a bicycle guide is knowledge of rules and public right. Then, the participant's experience should be framed by a story. This course gives you a good foundation and helps you raise your guiding level.

Those who have completed the undergraduate education are welcome to join the Sweden by Bike guide pool for the 2020 season.

Course Content

  • - What is expected of a good bike guide?
  • - What is special about being a bike guide along roads with interstate traffic and in the forest?
  • - Host, pedagogy and how I enhance the experience through my story
  • - How many can I have in a group?
  • - Risk assessment, how do I do a safety check?
  • - How do I handle participants who are at different levels purely in terms of knowledge?
  • - What do the laws say about staying in forest and land with your bike?
  • - What should I bring with me on the tour?
  • - Briefly on First Aid

Target group: You want to develop as a bicycle guide and get an orientation in important, basic knowledge in the area.

When and where: Västerås 21 November 2019 at 10-16. Home to the farm, Slånbärsgatan 13, Västerås. The basic course does not involve cycling for the participants.

Cost: SEK 3,800 excl. VAT. Coffee, lunch, documentation and course certificate are included in the price.

Registration: Via e-mail

Lecturer Katarina Rönnbacka Nybäck: has extensive experience working with cyclists as customers. She is mainly focused on mountain biking and has worked with camps, guiding, and course activities in various forms. Since 2011, Katarina has worked on developing cycling in the Örebro County region to Sweden's largest cycling area, Bergslagen Cycling. She is also part of the team behind Sweden Mountainbike.

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