A nice bike ride based on Arboga is to follow the old road to Örebro: Ramstigen. The tour offers 17 kilometers of alternating cycling and pleasant stops.  

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    English Park

    Cykeltur Arboga

    From Västerbron on the outskirts of Arboga, Ramstigen runs along the Arbogaån river. Just outside Arboga you pass the English Park on the right. There is no sign here, but if you are attentive enough to see the park, it is well worth a stop. Park the bike for a while and walk the charming loop through the beech forest along the water. Here in the park is a statue of Richard Brixel.

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    Back in the bicycle saddle, you will soon cross the E18 and cycle on towards Röfors. In Röforsbacken it goes sharply downhill and we take the opportunity to rest legs that are a little tired of all the trampling. Do you want to see wildlife? Just when after the bridge over the river at Röfors you have the chance, because here is a deer enclosure.

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    The bike ride continues a short distance along Fellingsbrovägen before you turn off towards Jädersbruk. There is a lot to see and do here, so park your bike for a while and look around the historic working environment. Jädersbruk dates back to the 16th century, when Gustav Vasa founded Arboga weapons factory here. In the summer, Jädersbruk's museum is open on Saturdays. If it happens to be Tuesday when you come here, you may end up in the middle of the well-attended and popular veteran vehicle meeting. If you cross the Arbogaån river, you will come to Jädersbruk's manor. There is a shop with organic food and in the summer you can buy home-grown vegetables here. Also do not miss the sculpture park, where Swedish and international artists have created peace sculptures of war material.

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    Ceramics workshop and sculpture park

    Arboga bike ride

    After a fun stop at Jädersbruk, it's time to cycle back towards Arboga. Once again we connect to Ramstigen and on the way to Arboga you actually pass another sculpture park. The ceramic couple Kerstin Hörnlund and Gösta Grähs have both a ceramics workshop and a sculpture park in their garden in Jädersholme. If they are at home, they are open, so with a little luck there will be another stop before the bike ride ends.

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