This is a pleasant trip to pedal together where you discover Kungsör from the bicycle saddle while enjoying nice excursion destinations and beautiful views. Suitable for the whole family as the road is easy to tread.

The bike ride in Kungsör starts on classic historic land at Kungsgården Kungsudden. It runs on both gravel and asphalt roads. The cycle path is marked with blue and white signs and along the road there are information boards with texts about the area's nature and culture.

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    Skillinge udds bathing place

    Skillinge Badplats

    The first part of the cycle path takes you through the lakeside parts of Kungsör and offers many beautiful views of Lake Mälaren. After just over three kilometers you pass Skillinge. If you cycle on a warm and sunny day, we recommend stepping through the buildings to the bathing place Skillingeudd for a cooling dip by the fine sandy beach.

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    Torpa Church

    Torpa Church

    After the bath, the bike ride continues along the railway over fertile fields to the charming Himmelsberga village. Here you should not miss Torpa Church! It dates as far back as the 12th century. Stop to look at the baptismal font from the 12th century and the fine vault paintings from the 15th century. What makes Torpa Church extra strange is that it is one of the few churches that seems to be signed by its author. On the reliefs of the original south portal there is a runic inscription that reads: "Ödulf made the church".

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    After the exciting history stop, cycling continues through an open cultural landscape. Grazing sheep and horses are nice company along the way. At Torpsten, it may be time for a new break. Park your bike to take the path that leads to the old ancient castle and enjoy the sweeping view of the Torpaslätten. If you have a lunch bag with you, it is best taken here.

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    Lockmora open-air farm

    The bike ride is coming to an end. Before you reach Kungsör, you can rest your legs for a while at Lockmora open-air farm. Here are barbecue opportunities and a chance to replenish the water supply before you step back to Kungsudden.