This is a bike tour that offers beautiful views, lots of history and not least a living apple orchard. The goal is Grönsöö Castle about three miles south of Enköping. Beautifully located on the island of Grönsö in Lake Mälaren with the water and lots of well-kept greenery on the knot. There is also a café, shop and exhibitions.

The castle park usually places itself high up in the competition Sweden's most beautiful park. It is open to the public for a small fee and if you want to see the castle's well-preserved inside, for example the Red atrium, there is the chance when guided tours are arranged during the summer. You who visit Grönsöö Castle get a real fan of the early 17th century. At that time, the main building was erected on the initiative of Johan Skytte, an important person in former Sweden. Among other things, he was Gustav II Adolf's teacher.

Grönsöö is an unusually living castle. An example is apple cultivation, the results of which can be enjoyed as a must that can be bought at Systembolaget. The von Ehrenheim family is responsible for the operation together with the Grönsöö Cultural History Foundation. In addition to fruit growing, agriculture, forestry, tourism and cultural heritage conservation are also carried out. Down on the bridge is the small Snail Pavilion from the end of the 18th century. It is built in Chinese style. The interior consists of seashells and East Asian minerals.

Another building worth visiting is the old liquor distillery. It was built in the early 1700s and for a long time played an important function because the sales of spirits gave Grönsöö castle cash income. Notice the round hole in the floor where cooling water from Lake Mälaren was once in a while. Today, the building houses Café Bränderiet with its own baked coffee bread and other good to eat. In the castle shop you can buy Grönsöö's own apple juice, gifts, books and entrance tickets. The family's work in preserving the castle for future generations was awarded in 2012 with a Heritage Heritage Medal. Considering that the family has owned the castle since 1820, one can understand that they have warm feelings about the property and its traditions.

Some practical tips

From Enköping it is about three miles the bird path to Grönsöö castle. A decent bike ride for a reasonably used cyclist and nothing for the youngest. The road is not car-free, but low-traffic. Note that it is dirt road the last three kilometers down towards the castle, not ideal for the narrowest tires.

The direction from Enköping is south.
We start from Drömparken in central Enköping where the Mälardalsleden trail passes
Take Ågatan south
Follow the bike path south
Turn sharply north on Bredsandsvägen
Turn right south along Boglösavägen
Pass JP Johanssons gata on the left side (do not enter there)
Take the next right straight south in the direction of Stads-Gånsta
Follow the road and Mälardalsleden south
Pass Hemsta
Pass Vallby
Take off towards Nibble, Straxhammar at Kungs Husby
Continue south towards Straxhammar
Pass Straxhammarsholme
Follow the asphalt road down to Grönsöö Castle.