There are rock bands that manage to touch in a unique way. The word "rock band" does not cover what it is about. Kent from Eskilstuna is one such band. When it was a farewell concert at the Globe in Stockholm 2016, thousands of black-and-white fans marched Götgatan to the sound of drums.

This bike tour takes you through parts of Eskilstuna and Torshälla that have been important to the band and which have connections to the song lyrics. A perfect opportunity to oxygenate your body with cycling while allowing yourself to feel a little nostalgic. The basis for the bike tour has been developed by Destination Eskilstuna through the cultural entrepreneur and Kent expert Rocco Gustafsson.

If you want to stay one night in Eskilstuna, maybe have a good dinner and have a beer in the evening, there are several good options. About 2.5 kilometers from the city center is located Vilsta Sports Hotel with both cottages and hotel rooms. In central Eskilstuna there are Best Western Plaza Hotel Eskilstuna and a little outside the city you can stay at handsome Sundbyholm Castle.

Tip! Take the opportunity to book a guided tour city walk through Eskilstuna's music history together with the entertainment profile Rocco.

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  • 1

    Balsta music castle

    Here begins the story of Kent

    At Balsta Musikslott, which was previously an old nursing home, the story of Kent begins. Here, the first edition of the band, The Coca Cola Kids had their rehearsal room, the name they took from the amount of cola jars that filled the room. In the Studio Embassy, Jones & Giftet recorded several demos and in the basement, Jonas Linell took press photos of Kent in connection with the release of Hagnesta Hill. Of course, it haunts the house.

  • 2

    Hagnesta Hill

    "In Hagnesta Hill the TV lights are flashing"

    Next to Balsta Musikslott is the residential area Hagnestahill, which became the name of Kent's fourth album, Hagnesta Hill. The album was released on December 6, 2009. On the album "Back to the present" (2007), Jocke sings the following lines from the song "Nothing"; In Hagnesta Hill, the TV lights are flashing. I do what I can. Dreaming away. In Hagnesta Hill, among the identical houses. We're jerking. Advertising is suspended for sports ... The sign with Hagnestahill has been stolen countless times, a desirable souvenir for many Kent fans.

  • 3

    Djurgården grill

    The favorite dish remains on the menu

    At Djurgårdsgrillen, Jocke and Sami sat and planned their upcoming careers. The plan was that they would be sick big. The favorite dish was a piece of leaf with parsley butter and puree, it is still on the menu.

  • 4

    Replokal I

    Konserthallen Lokomotivet

    Upstairs in the current Eskilstuna Folk High School premises, the band had its first rehearsal room as Kent. Large parts of the industrial area's premises were empty at that time. Adjacent to the Folk High School's premises is today the concert hall Lokomotivet, where Kent did a famous club gig in the spring of 2012. On 5 May 2016, over 2000 people had the opportunity to participate in the preview of Kent's last album, "Then as now forever" at Lokomotivet.

  • 5

    Replokal II

    A room with several functions ...

    When Jones & Giftet were expelled from Balsta Musikslott in 1990, they got a replocal in Sensus' premises (formerly TBV). The rehearsal room also functioned as a pre-party and overnight room. Please ask, and the staff can point out the rehearsal room.

  • 6

    The houses on Äppelstigen

    "The identical houses"

    The Berg family lived in the Slagsta residential area, on Äppelstigen. Jocke's brother Adam became friends with Martin Roos (accompanist guitarist in Kent during the years 1992-1995) who lived on Enebro¬vägen in the same neighborhood. Cycle along Äppelstigen and think about whether it is not from this residential area that Jocke has picked the text line "the identical houses" ...

  • 7

    Torshälla I

    Riktargatan 7 in Torshälla

    Sami Sirviö grew up in Torshälla on Riktar¬gatan 7, right next to the river. Sami's mother used to scare him that the nude lived in the river, in the hope that he would not fall in. The family then moved to Karlsrogatan.

  • 8

    Torshälla II

    Riktargatan 64B in Torshälla

    Markus Mustonen grew up in Torshälla, in the Krusgården district, on Riktargatan 64B. Many newly arrived families from Finland lived here, many of whom worked in the metal industry at Nyby Bruk. Jocke Berg spent his first years in the same neighborhood as Markus. He lived on Ringvägen 9D a few years before the family moved to Slagsta. In 1980, the Mustonen family moved to Valhalla.

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