This tour is for those who want to discover Mariefred and at the same time enjoy award winning gofika. The bike tour starts right in the center where the cozy Anna's home bakery is located. Here, the entrepreneurs Robert and Anna bake spicy and good food bread with sourdough and organic ingredients. In the cozy bakery you can also enjoy their famous buns and drink a good cup of organic coffee.

In addition to baking good bread, Anna and Robert like to cycle, of course, and they have therefore prepared a picnic tour with some nice cycling tips to some of their favorite places around town. The bike ride is perfect to combine with a cozy picnic, while discovering this lovely summer town. So pick up your bike, stop by Anna's Home Bakery and buy a fun-filled picnic package. Then you are ready to discover Mariefred by bicycle!

This is included in Anna's picnic package (you buy it on site):

  • 1 freshly baked dish with toppings
  • 1 optional bun
  • 1 locally produced apple juice, nectar or berry drink 0.25 l
  • 1 thermos with coffee / tea
  • Including blanket and bag

Price: 120 kr

If you want more sandwiches, buns or other coffee in your picnic bag, you can buy whatever you want from the bakery's huge bread and snack shelves.

Ps. Did you know that Anna's home bakery was named “Café of the Year” 2016 by White Guide? We understand why!

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  • 1

    The bike ride starts

    shop with a fun-filled picnic basket

    Anna's home baking picnic

    The tour begins at Anna's Home Bakery, located on Hammarvägen 2. Here you can buy a fun-filled picnic. All ingredients are organic and the bread is fresh daily. Then you steer the cuddle towards your first stop which is Gripsholms Slottspark. You cycle through the old town center with charming old wooden houses.

  • 2

    Gripsholms Slottspark

    a bike ride through history

    gripsholm castle

    The leafy castle park is perfect for a picnic. In the old vase village Gripsholm holds a four hundred year history, well known for its large collection of portraits. Here is also Gustav III's theater, which the theater king had furnished in one of the castle's circular Renaissance towers. In the castle park, the gardens have replaced each other and in the orchard the apples are grown for the King's apple juice which is sold at the castle. Don't miss the little Kärleksholmen by the beach.

  • 3


    nature reserve with fallow deer

    Gripsholm all the deer garden

    Gripsholms Hjorthage is right next to the castle park. It is a 60 hectare nature reserve and very popular with visitors and locals. Today the area is used as a pasture for about a hundred deer. The reserve is one of the county's finest oak areas. There are also traces of ancient castle, a burial ground, many old walking paths and remains of old buildings. Chances are you'll see a deer up close.

  • 4

    Mariefreds beach bath

    take a dip in Lake Mälaren


    Now it's time to cycle on to Mariefred's beach bath, which is a little outside the city. The road to the beach is very beautiful and you cycle through Fågelsången, a popular green area by the water east of Mariefred. Here you can take a dip in Lake Mälaren.

  • 5

    The old city center

    charming old wooden houses

    Mariefred wooden house

    On the way home you cycle back through beautiful Fågelsången. Back in Mariefred there is much to discover. The old town building is an experience in itself.

See and experience

  • local_seeThe echo temple of Nabbkullen
  • local_seeGripsholm Castle
  • local_seeMälsåker castle
  • local_seeMälsåker castle
  • local_seeBullet mine
  • local_seeSträngnäs Cathedral