Feel the scent of forest and kolmila while you visit one of Sweden's best live scenes! Åkers Bergslag is located in the border areas between Strängnäs, Gnesta and Flen in Södermanland. Nature is varied with forests, hills, lakes and agricultural landscapes. The area has been given its special character by the intensive iron ore handling that once took place. Here is the town Åkers styckebruk and the company of the same name which is one of the country's oldest companies dating from the end of the 16th century.

Commuter train Stockholm-Gnesta / Steamship Mariefred-Stockholm. Times and prices you will find at SL and S / S Mariefred 

This bike ride from Gnesta is a real nature and cultural experience. A special attraction is Bullet mine with a sense of how mining once went. There are now inns and a cultural-historical oasis in the middle of the beautiful Sörmland countryside. Here you can eat well, listen to live music, go on an art tour, visit Skottvång's mining museum, visit Smedjan's trading house, go to the market or join in when a real coal mile is lit.

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    Take the shuttle from Stockholm

    Stockholm Strandvägen

    You can take the commuter train from Stockholm to Gnesta (you can take the bike on board, but read more about what applies at sl.se). If you are eager to get something in your stomach, you can have a coffee in Gnesta.

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    a real small town idyll

    Gnesta trappan

    Many craftsmen and artists live and work in the small station community. There are several local farm shops in the area to visit, and small personal shops with a range a little out of the ordinary. Do not miss "Trappgatan", 129 steps inside Gnesta which was transformed from the ugliest to the finest ...

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    Bullet mine

    cultural-historical oasis


    You start your cycling on Näckrosleden in the direction of the small community Laxne. The road goes past Södertuna Castle, Norrtuna Castle and Heby Manor. When you have passed Laxne, take the exit towards Skottvång's mine. Here, among other things, music performances are arranged in the evening (Friday-Saturday) and it is possible to have dinner at the inn.

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    film set for Ronja Rövardotter

    Kalkbro_Anette Lilja

    The old limestone quarry in Kalkbro is today a nature reserve. The ravine-like entrance to the mining area became a film backdrop in the film Ronja Rövardotter (based on Astrid Lindgren's novel) when Mattis rides and looks for Ronja. 

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    Åkers piece use

    a nice old place of use

    Åkers styckebruk_engelska parken

    Then cycle to the old town Åkers styckebruk where there is a mill museum that is well worth a visit. Here you can learn more about the area's railway traditions.

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    Idyllic Mariefred

    with Royal Gripsholm Castle

    Mariefred wooden house

    The next stop is idyllic Mariefred with sights such as Gripsholm's castle and railway with steam locomotive. Here you can stroll in small alleys with charming 18th and 19th century houses.

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    with steamboat from Mariefred

    Cycle in Strängnäs and Mariefred

    The last part of the trip you can go with the steamship Mariefred to Stockholm at 16.30 and if you are hungry after the trip, you eat steamboat steak on board. S / S Mariefred departs at 16.30 and docks in Stockholm at 20.00.

Some practical tips

Skottvångs mine with the inn and its music scene is a cultural-historical oasis in the middle of the beautiful Sörmland countryside. You can pre-book a dining place or listening place via email info@skottvangsgrufva.se or phone 0158-259 00.

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