Four bike rides around Kristianstad
Cycling: 235 km starting in Kristianstad, Skåne
4 000 SEK/pers (3 nights)
4 000 SEK/pers
3 nights
235 km


  • doneThree nights at Quality Hotel Grand (part of a double room)
  • done3 x breakfast
  • doneTillgång till bastu & gym på hotellet
  • doneMöjlighet att förvara cykeln i låst utrymme
  • doneMap and route description

Add-on Extras

  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneSingle room supplement
  • doneRental bike 7 gears: SEK 1,600
  • doneRental bike 21 gears: SEK 1750
  • doneElectric bicycle: SEK 2,300
  • doneHelmets and bike bags can be provided free of charge.

Welcome to a package with lots of cycling and comfortable accommodation in the center of Skåne's fourth largest city. Even if you cycle, you will come into close contact with the beautiful Vattenriket with its beach meadows and forests if you choose this package. It is a so-called biosphere reserve with lots of attractions for those who like animals and plants. The package is structured so that you make excursions along four different rounds around classic Kristianstad.

A biosphere reserve aims to find ways to preserve nature while people live in an area. It is the UN agency Unesco that designates the areas that can be called biosphere reserves. In Kristianstad, there are Helgeån, Hammarsjön and widespread wetlands in the plains. The last excursion follows Linderödsåsen, which is also connected to the animal kingdom. This is because Sweden's only unprocessed breed of domestic pigs is called linden red pig and originates from the area.

Presentation image: Monkey's eye

Dag 1 - Great Water Kingdom round

hotelQuality Hotel Grand, Kristianstad
directions_bike65 km
Kristianstad is a cozy city to visit. Photo Carolina Romare.
Kristianstad is a cozy city to visit. Photo Carolina Romare.

On the first day, you cycle south in the direction of Degerberga, where it can be a good idea to have an energy supplement at a suitable bar. Before that, Naturum Vattenriket in central Kristianstad is worth a visit. On the way home to Kristianstad and a haunting dinner, you largely follow the Sydostleden, which is a national cycle path. On your east side you have the beautiful Hanö Bay.

Dag 2 - The Wanås round with art and nature

hotelQuality Hotel Grand, Kristianstad
directions_bike65 km
Wanås Art with "Wish Trees for Wanås" by Yoko Ono. Photo: Mickael Tannus.
Wanås Art with "Wish Trees for Wanås" by Yoko Ono. Photo: Mickael Tannus.

Today's cycle route goes in a westerly and northern direction. You experience railway embankments, winding gravel roads and a peaceful agricultural landscape. In some places, car traffic can be of such a nature that it is important to be careful. In Wanås there is not only a castle but also an art and culture park. The castle's oldest parts date from the 15th century and during the 16th century when the area was Danish, Swedish troops came and burned down large parts.

Dag 3 - Oppmannasjön and Råbelövssjön with embankment and villages

hotelQuality Hotel Grand, Kristianstad
directions_bike52 km

The water theme continues. On the third day, you cycle in a westerly direction and can, among other things, enjoy the mill Bromölla. Once again, it will be cycling along old track embankments with all that entails of close contact with nature, flat stretching and not so sharp curves. You will see a lot of Råbelövssjön, Oppmannasjön and Ivösjön. A gem you must not miss is Bäckaskog Castle, but beware because here the car traffic can be quite dense.

Dag 4 - Linderödsåsen

directions_bike52 km

Prepare for views with fertile fields and clusters of deciduous trees that would make any landscape painter present the easel. You cycle in a westerly direction towards little Linderöd, which has given its name to the stately domestic pig breed. During your days you have had a lot of plains, but now you actually get to experience slopes on Bockebodavägen. Enjoy the Scanian villages and the feeling of cycling in deciduous forest.

Booking fee SEK 1,000 is paid via invoice no later than 10 days after received confirmation (deducted at final payment). The remaining amount is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the trip.

Free cancellation up to 30 days before the start date.
50% refund 29-15 days before start date.
No refund 14 days before the start date.
If you yourself or a close relative become ill with covid-19 or if the Public Health Authority advises against travel, a full refund applies until the day before the start date.