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The warp around is an easy-cycled ride north of Falun, which goes on a bicycle trail through the old mountainside village around Lake Varpan.

The tour takes about 1-2 hours to cycle at a leisurely pace, and you pass several swimming and historical sites with interesting history such as the village of Österå. The village previously had several copper cabins and is part of the World Heritage Falun and Kopparbergslagen. Österå is beautifully located and has therefore since the beginning of the 20th century been commonly called "Faluns Saint Tropez".

Tips for the family of children:
Several great bathing opportunities along easy-cycled cycle paths that pass through the agricultural landscape, over meadows and past sheep pastures.

Bicycles are allowed free of charge, subject to availability.

See and experience

  • local_seeBergsgården's bathing area
  • local_seeBoysen Beach
  • local_seeGullnäsgården
  • local_seeÖsterå

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