The Vättern-Sommen trail is marked with red signs along the road

Vättern-Sommen is a cycle tourist trail that runs via Ödeshög, Omberg, Vadstena, Tranås and Gränna. The cycle path runs through fine cultural countryside close to nature and rural life. A further 25 km of cycle path is signposted on beautiful Visingsö.


The cycle path runs from the fertile Östgötland plain in the north over Omberg, along the steep Vättern beach, through the bright but enigmatic Holaveden (John Bauerskogen) and up to Lake Sommen with its clear blue waters. In the north the landscape is flat, in the south more hilly. The trail is clearly signposted and the roads are easy to cycle and well maintained. Fate pile at the E4 is a good starting point. The Vättern-Sommenleden connects to the Sverigeleden and the Vadstena-Gränna section is common with Runt Vätternleden. The Swedish Cycling Association has developed the route of the trail and put up all signs along the Vättern-Sommen trail.

If you want to take a boat across Lake Vättern there is the steamship Trafik, with Hjo as a home port. Traffic is run by the nonprofit association Company S / S Traffic Friends who care for and traffic the ship.

Main Route: About 310 km (between Lake Vättern and Lake Sommen)
Alternative: About 25 km (Gränna-Visingsö)

Östgötatrafiken (rural buses)
Bicycles are allowed free of charge on rural buses, subject to availability. All buses do not have bicycle hooks, please call customer service on phone number 0771-21 10 10 before you go to find out which bus type you want to travel with (select tone 2 to get to the traffic information center).

Jönköping county traffic
Bicycles must not be taken on regional buses or in city traffic.

Bicycle Maps

  • Bicycle map 21 The water around the North Cover

    Bicycle map Vättern around (northern part)

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  • Bicycle map 19 Göta channel cover

    Bicycle map Göta kanal

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  • Bicycle map 15 Northeast Småland cover

    Bicycle map Northeast Smaland

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  • Bicycle map 14 The water around the southern cover

    Bicycle map Vättern around (southern part)

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