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The trail is signposted south-north with its own symbol. Work is underway with improved signage

On the big peninsula in the middle of Lake Vänern lies fantastic Värmlandsnäs, which boasts the most sunshine hours in the country. Here there is much to see and discover from the bike saddle. The bicycle tour starts in Säffle (Sweden's youngest city) and then continues on Värmlandsnäs. From Ekenäs, which is at the farthest distance, you can take the boat out to Lurö, which is a gem in itself.

Pictures: Säffle municipality

Out on Värmlandsnäs, it is the special nature that attracts. During the bike ride you pass cultural and natural treasures, wonderful beaches and can stop at nice farm shops and cozy cafes. You cycle through Värmland's largest plain and the most ancient area and the land has been used here for more than 3000 years. There are rich finds of rock axes, rock carvings and burial crevices that testify to early settlement. Christianity came early to the Näset which has several 12th century churches. The first weekend in September is a harvest party with activities all over Värmlandsnäs.

The main road to Ekenäs, "Näsvägen", has increased traffic during the summers and is not recommended if you ride with children. There are not many cars but some drive fast. The various businesses along the way have varied opening hours so we recommend that you contact them in advance.

Main Route: About 100 km (around Värmlandsnäs peninsula in Lake Vänern)

No possibility to bring the bike on board the bus. Foldable bikes can be included as needed and should be placed in the luggage compartment. There is only room for two bikes at the same time.

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  • local_seeHusföreningen Silvenska Villan
  • local_seeHögsbyn's rock carving area
  • local_seeKnusesund Manor
  • local_seeKulturladan
  • local_seeClay pigeon shooting in Valdersrud
  • local_seeMillesvik
  • local_seeOlof wooden pile
  • local_seeSäffle canal
  • local_seeTorserudsand
  • local_seevon Echstedska Gården
  • local_seeÖlserud's mill

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