Good road standard, Mainly asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The south coast trail is marked with red signs along the road.
This is a national cycling tourism trail. This means that the cycle trail has undergone a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. verified

From Sweden's Riviera it is only 30 km to Malmö, one of the world's 10 best cycling cities.

On the way from Skanör you drive through open landscapes and end up in the town of Vellinge where there are opportunities to visit restaurants. The road between Vellinge and Malmö is lined with farm shops with local produce and large farms with animals.

The contrast becomes noticeable when Malmö's skyline spreads out in front of the bike! But Malmö is much more than a good cycling city. It is the diversity, the restaurants, the market trade, the parks and the proximity to the sea that make Malmö so special.

Our tip is to stay a few days in Malmö. Shop for vegetables and have a falafel at Möllan, swim and bathe at Ribban's cold bath house, walk in Pildammsparken, drink a cup of coffee at Slottsträdgården's café, visit Västra Hamnen and Turning Torso. Also do not miss Malmö's excellent restaurants, from Guide Michelin restaurants to excellent street food.

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