This is a national cycling tourism trail. This means that the cycle trail has undergone a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. verified
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The southeast trail is marked with red signs along the road (feel free to supplement with your own map).

Between Kristianstad and Åhus, Sydostleden goes through Kristianstadsslätten's pantry. Crispbread rye, chip potatoes and Absolut Vodka wheat grow here.

Åhus is one of Sweden's best-preserved medieval cities. Narrow alleys are lined with picturesque half-timbered houses. Did you know that there are remnants of a ring wall on the outskirts of the city, one of Sweden's best preserved?

Do not miss Absolute Home where you can learn more about the history and philosophy behind Absolut Vodka. Enjoy genuine Scanian food at Åhus Gästgivaregård, locally produced ice cream (Ottoglass) by the sea and miles of beaches. Combine with adventures like Upzone, where you climb through obstacle courses up between the trees.

In the Friseboda nature reserve, you cycle right next to the sea on the marked cycle path. In the reserve you are warmly welcome to enjoy the paths in the walking area on foot. The beautiful nature in the walking area is fragile and the paths are not suitable for cycling. From the cycle path on the embankment at Maglehem, you can turn off to the café and unique mill museum Blåherremölla with scenic and culturally and historically valuable surroundings.

You will find the northern gate to Österlen at Brösarp, feel free to take your time and stay an extra day - there is a lot to discover here! Get off the bike and experience Brösarp's slopes - both the north and the south.

Varied hiking trails such as Österlenleden, Blåvingeleden and Backaleden meander along the slopes with unique flora and fauna.

During the summer, the museum railway Skånska järnvägar offers a magnificent nostalgia experience - tough ahead with a steam train on a more than 100-year-old railway between Brösarp station and S: t Olof.

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