The south-east trail is marked with red signs along the road (please supplement with your own map)
This is a national cycling tourism trail. This means that the cycle trail has undergone a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. verified

Sydostleden is one of Sweden's best cycling tourist trails. The landscape is varied, and offers both coastal experiences and forest-rich areas where one clearly knows the soul of nature. The resorts you pass all have their own special character, and offer unforgettable experiences along the way. 

The south-east route extends from southern Småland, through Blekinge and down to southeast Skåne. You can cycle the 27 miles between Växjö and Simrishamn road safe and comfortable. For the most part, the trail goes on its own cycle path without car traffic, but on some routes you get to cycle in inter-traffic.

Main Route: Approximately 270 km (Växjö-Tingsryd-Karlshamn-Mörrum-Sölvesborg-Kristianstad-Åhus-Brösarp-Simrishamn)

County Kronoberg
Bicycles may be included, subject to presentation of a valid bicycle ticket. Must not be carried in Växjö city traffic or in regional traffic night traffic.

Bicycles may be taken on trains to the extent possible. For the bike you buy a bicycle ticket, the price is the same as for single ticket young. The bus is not allowed to bring a bicycle. However, it is permissible to take a bicycle cart on board if used as a stroller.

Bicycles may be included, subject to space, but a maximum of nine bicycles per train. Bicycle ticket you buy in ticket vending machine or app just before departure. If you buy your personal ticket in the app you can make an addition for your bike, the price is 20 SEK and valid for 2 hours throughout Skåne.

See and experience

  • local_seeABU museum
  • local_seeCar Cemetery Kyrkömosse
  • local_seeChristinehof's Ecopark
  • local_seeEbbamåla Bruk
  • local_seeFriseboda at Hanö Bay's Ålakust
  • local_seeHallamölla Waterfall
  • local_seeInglingehögen
  • local_seeKivik's market
  • local_seeKiviksgraven
  • local_seeKristianstad Art Hall
  • local_seeChronolax fishing with Kungsforsen
  • local_seeThe cultural district in Karlshamn
  • local_seeThe coastal landscape at Edenryd
  • local_seeNaturum Water Kingdom
  • local_seeSmåland's museum
  • local_seeStonehead National Park with Naturum
  • local_seeSölvesborg Bridge
  • local_seeemigrant Monument
  • local_seeWater Tower Eco Temple
  • local_seeVitemölla / Brösarps slopes and all apple orchards
  • local_seebråkunst after Bräkneån
  • local_seeApple House
  • local_seeÅsnen, Sweden's next national park
  • local_seeÖsterlens Museum

Bicycle Maps

  • Bicycle map 8 Southeast Småland cover

    Bicycle map Southeastern Smaland

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  • Bicycle map 4 Northeast Skåne cover

    Bicycle map Northeast Skåne

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  • Bicycle map 2 Southeast Skåne cover

    Bicycle map Southeastern Skåne

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