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The Siljans trail on a bicycle consists of approximately 31 km of bicycle paths, which mainly follow county and country roads. Here you cycle through a magnificent and powerful landscape, and the trail winds through the lowlands around Siljan and along the lakes Siljan, Lake Ores, Skattungen and Lake Orsasjön.

You choose the starting point: Leksand, Rättvik, Mora or Orsa. Reference signs make it easy to follow the trail and you get to experience Siljansbygden's sights in a close way. Rest and camp sites are arranged at suitable distances.

During the summer you can choose to experience parts of Siljan from the seaside. Tours with Sweden's oldest passenger ranger "M / S Gustaf Wasa" go from Leksand, Mora and Rättvik and it is nice to bring the bike on board.

Main Route: About 310 km (all around Siljan)

See and experience

  • local_seeAxel Munthes Hildasholm, Leksand
  • local_seeClas Ohlson, the original store in Insjön
  • local_seeMusic performance in Dalhalla
  • local_seeNusnäs with his valley horses
  • local_seeTällberg with its mile-wide view of the lake
  • local_seeVasaloppet and CykelVasan
  • local_seeThe Zorn Museum, Mora

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