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The bike path is marked with yellow signs along the road.

Strömsholms Kanal, which was completed in its entirety in 1795, follows Kolbäcksån's water system through Sweden's oldest mill district. The landscape is varied and scenic, from dazzling Dalaberg to lowland Mälardalen. You can cycle along the Strömsholm canal throughout its stretch and further down you will find suggestions on how you can organize your bike ride along the canal during four wonderful cycling days.

Strömsholm's channel is a vein that buzzes with life. There is much to do and experience here. Easily move between scenic surroundings, captivating sights and exciting cultural treasures. There are activities and events along the entire canal and no matter what season you visit the trail, there is always something to experience. 

The cycle path has yellow / black signage and goes between Smedjebacken in the north to the outlet in Mälaren and Borgåsund in the south. You cycle in scenic surroundings through historic fields on low-traffic country roads and smaller gravel roads and paths. Since you share the road with cars, normal attention is required. On the route between Söderbärke-Virsbo, there are many curves and therefore it is important to have extra good oversight of car traffic. From Strömsholm follow the Mälardalsleden (red / white signage) towards Västerås or towards Köping.

The channel passes through 14 lakes. The 120 kilometer long fairway extends from Smedjebacken in Dalarna in the north to Strömsholm in Västmanland in the south. The channel runs through the communities of Söderbärke, Fagersta, Västanfors, Ängelsberg, Virsbo, Ramnäs, Surahammar, Hallstahammar, Kolbäck, Strömsholm, Borgåsund and ends in Västerås. The purpose of this grand project was to improve the conditions for transporting iron from Bergslagen down to Lake Mälaren. The canal builders took advantage of the fact that lakes and streams were connected for a long distance. The excavated canal stretches are a total of 12 kilometers, but with a total of 26 locks and a total fall height of 100 meters.

There are many cultural monuments along the canal that are well worth a visit. You can, for example, visit the Lokstallet in Smedjebacken, Flatenbergs hut, Västanfors hometown area, Engelsbergs Bruk, Oljeön in the lake Åmänningen, Ramnäs Lanchashiresmedja, Bruksmuseet in Surahammar, Trångfors forge and the Kanalmuséet in Hallstahammar, Rolsholm sloth, Strömsholm sloth. .

Main Route: Borgåsund-Stromsholm-Soderbarke-Smedjebacken.

Bike rental: Lakeside Adventure rent bikes along the canal.

For the family of children we recommend cycling between Ramnas-Stromsholm or Smedjebacken-Soderbarke. It is also possible to take the train part of the route.

Train in Bergslagen
Trains in the Bergslagen traffic stretch along the Strömsholm canal. Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to a maximum of two per train. Read more here.


Here's how you can plan 4 days along Strömsholm's canal

Here you will find suggestions on how you can build up your cycling holiday along Strömsholm's canal for four wonderful days, starting in Smedjebacken.

Proposal for overnight stay in Smedjebacken and the surrounding area
Villa Gladtjärn, phone 0240-791 00
Malingsbo Herrgård, phone 0739-671176
Wilderness Lodge, phone 0730-350075

Day 1 - Smedjebacken - Ängelsberg, about 50 km

Here it is recommended that you cycle the north side, from Söderbärke down to Ängelsberg, over the Semla lock area. Cycling this stretch is mostly road cycling with oncoming traffic. If you have the opportunity, we suggest starting the adventure a day earlier, with an overnight stay in Smedjebacken. Then you also have the opportunity to join a nostalgia tour with ÅF Runn, ENJ nostalggirälsbuss and SJ nostalgibuss. With Smedjebacken as a base, you can start the cycling adventure with a trip up to Lake Barken and Villa Gladtjärn, discover the utility area around Malingsbo Herrgård or make a detour to the nature reserve Malingsbo-Kloten, where you cycle on fine gravel roads.

Excursion tips along the way
Stop by at Västanfors's hometown area, have a cup of coffee and visit their fine trading booth. Here is the sale of decorative items for your garden, decor and gift items as well as juice, jam and other good from local producers. From here you continue on the road towards Ängelsberg and first come to the world heritage of Engelsberg. If you want to see the fire forest you can make a detour after the use area towards Norberg. Also, don't forget to stop at the Sculpture Park in Ängelsberg, which you pass on your right hand side just before the community. From Ängelsberg you can also go out to Oljeön, the world's oldest preserved oil refinery.
In the community there is then restaurant Nya Serveringen, where you can fill up the energy depots in the form of coffee or have lunch.

Suggestions for overnight stay
Engelsberg Guesthouse, phone 0709-752 807
STF Hostel Ängelsberg / Tallbacka, phone 0223-30320
Odensnäs, phone 0709-759400

Day 2 - Ängelsberg - Ramnäs, about 25 km

This route you cycle a lot of straight roads and road cycling through mountainous landscape, and meet both forest and small villages along the way. When you arrive at the T-junction at Virsbo, it is recommended that you depart and continue towards Virsbo. In Virsbo you will find an art gallery, Genberg's summer café and an enriching Wirsbo Manor. All well worth a visit. If you want to continue the journey for a while, you return to the bike trail and cycle along the country road down to Ramnäs and Seglingsberg. Shortly thereafter, a road goes to the left to Hälleskogsbrännan, where you can see the devastation and how the forest recovers after the big forest fire in Västmanland 2014.

Excursion tips along the way
Wirsbo Herrgård, Virsbo Art Hall and Genberg's summer café. The forest fire and the forest after the big forest fire that was in Västmanland 2014.

Suggestions for overnight stay
Ramnäs hotel and conference, phone 0220-38090
Wirsbo Manor, phone 0223-49696
Schenströmska Manor, phone 0220-500235

Day 3 - Ramnäs - Strömsholm, about 35 km

From Ramnäs you cycle through Surahammar and continue down towards Hallstahammar. You will cycle on the old road towards Hallstahammar, over what is called Olberga. The road has many roundabouts and is an appreciated bicycle route, but please note that you can have a meeting as regular traffic travels this distance. The first place you pass in Hallstahammar is Trångfors and Trångfors forge. Then the bike trail follows the canal all the way down to Hallstahammar. Here you cycle right next to the canal and pass many locks and scenic views.

Excursion tips along the way
Trångfors smithy, Skantzen area, Åsby Home & Garden, Åsby Kött & Vilt, Naturfortografiska. Westerqwarn, Strömsholm Castle, Riding School Strömsholm, Markan, Hästmuseum Strömsholm, Fiskarn i Borgåsund and Borgåsund harbor harbor café.

Suggestions for overnight stay
Skantzen Brukshotell, phone 0220-21200
Skantzö Bad & Camping (cottages), phone 0220-24305

Proposal for overnight stay in Strömsholm
Mahognyvillan B&B, phone 0220-43534
Thottska villa, phone 0220-45100

Day 4 - Strömsholm / Borgåsund - Västerås, about 40 km

During the last day of the bike ride, you cycle on towards Västerås and will pass the Mangelboden at Stora Ekeby, a nice stop for a cup of coffee and some coffee. The farm runs both riding school and produces organic beef. Of course, you can shop a little in the farm shop. Along the road towards Västersås you will also pass large and small Rytterne church ruins, which belong to the oldest Christian memorials in Västmanland, dating back to the 13th to 13th centuries.

Once in Västerås you choose whether you want to take the train back to Smedjebacken (please contact Trains in Bergslagen for information on bicycle on the train 0771-757570) or continue cycling for new adventures.

Excursion tips along the way
Mangelboden Stora Ekeby, Rytterne church ruin, Tidö castle and Västerås harbor and city.

Proposal for overnight stay in Västerås
Elite Stadshotellet Västerås, phone 021-10-28 00
The Steam Hotel, phone 021-4759900
Visit Västerås, phone 021-390100

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