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The cycle path is marked with dark blue signs "Hylteslingan" along the road. You can download a digital map to your smartphone.

The cycle path starts from Halmstad Castle and winds its way up through Nissan's valley up to Hyltebruk and on to Jälluntofta where it turns down towards Unnaryd and then follows Fylleån's valley back to Halmstad via Simlångsdalen. For the last three miles, it mostly runs parallel to the Banvallsleden.

From central Halmstad you cycle Hylte loop via Norre Katts park, the football arena Örjans vall and Slottsmöllan with the sights set on Åled. You continue the journey through the beautiful Nissadalen and eventually roll into the province of Småland, but you are still in Halland County. You will pass small communities and villages, deep forests, open pastures and experience beautiful lake systems on your bike ride through Hyltebygden. The last stretch before you are back in Halmstad goes via Simlångsdalen, a legendary and scenic area. Here you have the opportunity to eat, spend the night and many beautiful places to visit. Preparatory work is currently underway to get the cycle path approved by the Swedish Transport Administration as a regional cycle path.

Main Route: about 165 km through the beautiful Hyltebygden in the interior of Halland.

Travel here
You can travel by train and bus to Halmstad. You can also travel to Halmstad with Stenaline's ferry from Grenå.

Bicycle on buses & trains
Bicycles may be taken subject to availability on regional buses and on Öresundståg, Pågatåg and Krösatåg. Read more here.

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