2 days cycling.
Occasionally along a busy road.
1520 m ascent.
The Gotland Trail is marked with red signs

It is often said that Gotland is a short trip away, a pearl in the middle of the Baltic Sea. For those who want to cycle on Gotland, the island offers the Gotlandsleden, a cycle path that winds through the island's most breathtaking landscape. The island's fascinating nature and culture attracts with white soft sandy beaches, impressive rauk fields, steep rocky coasts, beautiful meadows, pebble beaches and windswept rocky forests growing directly on the bedrock.

With an area of 3,140 km², Gotland represents 0.8% of Sweden's total area. This long, narrow island, stretching 176 kilometers from Fårö in the north to Hoburgen in the south, is a dream for those who want to cycle on Gotland. Depending on the route chosen, a bike ride around the island can be between 30 and 50 miles. For the adventurous, this can be completed in a weekend, but for those who want to enjoy the landscape at a more leisurely pace, a week is recommended. Despite its flat terrain, with Lojsta Hed being the highest point at 82 meters above sea level, Gotland offers a balance of challenge and enjoyment, especially when planning your day's stages around the weather.

Along red signs, the Gotland Trail guides cyclists through the island's unique landscape. The trail, whose routing and signage was initiated by the Swedish Cycling Society, extends over 50 miles and has recently been adapted to highlight the charm of the less scenic routes while avoiding major roads. Despite these improvements, signage can be inadequate on some routes. It may therefore be wise to also be equipped with a detailed cycling map. Note that some of the major roads can be very busy during the summer months. For a more secluded cycling experience along the Gotland Trail, explore the smaller roads along the coast, such as the car-free stretches between Visby and Klintehamn (county road 140) or Visby and Lummelunda (county road 149).

The island's road choice is not limited to asphalt. Although many of Gotland's roads are paved, gravel road enthusiasts will find joy in events like Gotland Gravel in Visby. For those who enjoy mountain biking, there are trails all over the island, with highlights such as Klinteberget near Klintehamn and the family-friendly Gotland Bike Park at Slite.

Beyond its natural beauty, Gotland offers a rich cultural experience. Cozy cafés, farm shops, artisans and flea markets are scattered along the trail, while the lively entertainment scene and outdoor cafés add a continental atmosphere to the trip.

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Transportation and Travel Options

Ferry The most common way to travel to Gotland is by ferry. There are regular ferry connections from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn on the mainland to Visby, Gotland's largest city. The journey takes between 2.5 to 3 hours. The majority of ferries allow travelers to bring their bicycles. However, there may be an additional charge for the bike, and it is recommended to book in advance during the high season to secure a place for the bike.

Flight: It is also possible to fly to Gotland. Visby Airport, located about 5 km from the center of Visby, is served by several daily flights from Stockholm and some other Swedish cities. The airport can be reached by airport bus, taxi or rental car from Visby.

Local public transport: A network of buses takes you around the island. Bicycles are usually allowed on a space-available basis, but there may be restrictions on the number of bicycles allowed on each bus. Always check with the bus company in advance if you want to make sure you can take your bike. Tandem or bicycle trailers are not allowed.

Points of Interest

  • local_seeBergmangårdarna, Fårö
  • local_seeThe medieval stone churches
  • local_seeThe ancient hall at Gotland's museum
  • local_seeBird mountains in the Karls Islands
  • local_seeGotland Art Museum, Visby
  • local_seeGotska Sandön's beaches
  • local_seeKattlunds museum yard, Grötlingbo
  • local_seeCherry Farm, Sundre
  • local_seeLummelunda Cave
  • local_seePetes Museum Farm, Hablingo
  • local_seeThe smoke on Fårö
  • local_seeRome royal estate
  • local_seeVamlingbo parsonage
  • local_seeVisby ring wall

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