Low traffic road
In the 2022 season, work is underway with signage along the trail. You can download a digital map to your smartphone.
This is a national cycling tourism trail. This means that the cycle trail has undergone a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. verified

Göta Canal is Sweden's longest experience area, and also national cycle path no. 7. From Sjötorp in the west to Mem in the east, the cycle path follows the historic building, which is also called Sweden's blue ribbon. You can watch the lock, pet the canal sheep or enjoy a picnic on the canal bank while the boats pass slowly. You cycle on the car-free, gravel road along the Göta Canal. When you cycle past the lakes that connect the canal, the cycle path goes on smaller country roads. Across the lakes Vättern and Asplången you take a boat and bicycle ferry. 

Photographer: Crelle Ekstrand.

A visit to the Göta Canal is also a journey in history, regardless of whether it is a day trip or a longer cycling holiday with an overnight stay. The cargo ships and tow oxen have long been replaced by passenger boats, leisure boats and cyclists who cycle along the old towpaths and around the lakes. If you do not want to cycle the entire route, you can choose to travel with one of the passenger boats that ply the canal and the large lakes. The proximity to the water and the opportunity to combine bicycle and boat make the Göta Canal cycle path unique in its kind.

Boat transport over lakes
Bicycle rental along the Göta Canal

Did you know that you can become a tree sponsor and get your own tree along the Göta Canal? In this way, you can help preserve Sweden's longest tree avenue.

Göta Canal cycle path is classified as a national cycle path and is approved by the Swedish Transport Administration. In the 2022 season, work is underway with signage along the trail. 

Travel here by train and bus:

There are train connections in Mariestad, Töreboda, Motala, Linköping, Norsholm and Norrköping. Bus connection in several places. On the Kinnekulletåget from Gothenburg via Herrljunga and Lidköping to Mariestad, there will be room for two bicycles per train.

Bicycles can be taken free of charge on Östgötapendeln and on regional buses, subject to availability. The bicycle must be attached to the back of the bus. Call customer service on telephone 0771-21 10 10 and check if there is a bicycle hook on the bus you want to take.

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