Ekerö municipality
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Few places in Sweden have such an exciting and long history as Ekerö. Here, not far from Stockholm city, crucial chapters in Sweden's history have been written for more than a thousand years. The place is a green oasis, located on a number of islands in Lake Mälaren. In addition to the two world heritage sites - Birka with the Hovgården and Drottningholms area - there is a rich selection of other attractions and activities.

Not far from Stockholm city is rural Ekerö. Here you can experience a fantastic cultural landscape with eight magnificent 12th century churches, magnificent castles and mansions. A rich art life is represented by famous architecture, small museums and art relics. Here you will find farm shops and self-picks as well as sales of handicrafts. And all this in harmony with a fabulous nature. The bike paths on Ekerö are popular and connect to the Mälardalsleden trail.

You can choose to go SL's shuttle boat to / from Tappström on Ekerö (line 89 between Ekerö-Stockholm-Ekerö) and take the bike on board. The shuttle boat runs both summer and winter, and there is a cafeteria on board.

Tip! The eastern section of Färingsö between Skå and Färentuna is more heavily trafficked. If you want to cycle up to Kungsberga and prefer smaller car traffic, it may be a good idea to take the western stretch. Take the Stenhamravägen towards Törnby and Stenhamra instead of cycling the Färentunavägen towards Skå.

Photo: Stefan Pellén

Points of Interest

  • local_seeBirka with Hovgården on Adelsö
  • local_seeDrottningholm Castle & Castle Theater
  • local_seeEkebyhov Castle with wonderful park and beech forest
  • local_seeEkerö center, designed by architect Ralph Erskine
  • local_seeEvert Ljungqvist Ateljé
  • local_seeGustavshill, for all flower lovers
  • local_seeChina castle
  • local_seeLovö, Ekerö and Färentuna church
  • local_seeSkytteholms Herrgård with Carl Mile's sculptures
  • local_seeThe quarry in Stenhamra
  • local_seeSvartsjö castle with its nice park facilities

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Connecting Bicycle Routes