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The Dalsland Trail is marked with red signs along the road

The Dalsland Trail runs through the entire landscape and offers a fantastic variety of different types of nature for wilderness tourists and nature lovers with both wilderness, mountain nature and plain landscape.

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The trail starts and ends in Vänersborg and is a total of 360 km long. It runs through Tresticklan National Park with its rift valleys and long narrow lakes, Kroppefjäll mountain nature with its bogs and coniferous forests and through the Dalboslätten plain landscape which goes down to one of Lake Vänern's finest archipelago areas - Yttre Bodane. The Swedish Cycling Association has developed the route of the trail and put up all signs along the Dalslandsleden.

Main Route: 360 km (Vanersborg-Mellerud-Dals Långed-Bengtsfors-Ed-Fargelanda-Vänersborg)

No possibility to bring the bike on board the bus. Foldable bikes can be included as needed and should be placed in the luggage compartment. There is only room for two bikes at the same time.

See and experience

  • local_seeThe aqueduct in Håverud
  • local_seeDals Rostock
  • local_seeDalsland Art Museum
  • local_seeThe untouched forests in Tresticklan National Park
  • local_seeEKA Environment
  • local_seeColor country art hall
  • local_seeHouse of Straw
  • local_seeHögsbyn's rock carving area
  • local_seeCultural use At Dal
  • local_seeOuter Bodane National Park
  • local_seeNordic Land Museum
  • local_seeNot Quite
  • local_seeCanoeing in Dalsland's canal
  • local_seeChurch of the Shepherd
  • local_seeSteneby Art Hall
  • local_seeThe view from Sörknatten
  • local_seeThe center of Åmål

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