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In Södermanland, nature is shaped by the many mansions and castles, but there are also deep forests, oak gardens, small lakes and rolling fields.

Strandleden is a new bike path that runs between Eskilstuna and Strängnäs, past Strand Golf where you can both have coffee, dinner and overnight and have as a base for many other exciting cycling excursions. You can choose to start from Eskilstuna, Strängnäs or Strand. The trail allows many alternatives where you can choose to cycle between Eskilstuna and Strängnäs on the north or south side of Sörfjärden. You can choose to start and land at the same place by cycling around Sörfjärden. The trail extends through a rich nature and cultural area between Strängnäs and Eskilstuna.

From Strängnäs: starting from Regementsgatan. Here you pass a number of fine villas from the 1920s. Then you continue past Campus, through Eldsund towards Vansö.

From Eskilstuna. exit the Årby roundabout and cycle the Mälarvägen towards Sundbyholm. Just before Sundbyholm you turn right towards Jäder and on to Strand. On the continued journey around Sörfjärden you can choose to turn left at Arsenalen towards Vansö and further around.

A smaller number of bicycles can be rented at the tourist office in Eskilstuna, at the bicycle group in Stallarholmen and at Strand. Booked before.

Main Route: About 50 km (around Sörfjärden in Lake Mälaren)

Sörmlands traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus.

See and experience

  • local_seeAlbert Pictor's paintings in Vansö church
  • local_seeThe arsenal
  • local_seeFiholm Castle
  • local_seeFogdö church
  • local_seeThe harbor in Björsund
  • local_seeHamnfiket at Sundbyholmsslott
  • local_seeHelgarö church
  • local_seeJäder's Church
  • local_seeMora by
  • local_seeMunktell Museum
  • local_seeThe victory carving
  • local_seeSundby school at Sundby church
  • local_seeVårfruberga monastery ruin

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