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Cycling on the Småland highlands is an exciting experience for those who are looking for a wilderness-like nature and a small-scale cultivation landscape with clear traces of the Småland's stubbornness.

Photos: Duo Fotografi AB / Visit Eksjö

All of the stone cairns and stone farms testify to the old cultivation of the past centuries. This makes you feel the wings of history while being filled with the impressions of the beautiful nature.

The Albert Engström Trail is a hilly trail on asphalt and gravel through beautiful beech forest, deep magic forest and genuine Småland environment. You will also pass Skurugata, which has been described as Southern Sweden's most peculiar natural phenomenon. No one knows for sure how the strange rock crack has occurred. The mystery surrounding the place has given rise to stories of trolls and robbers ravaging between the rock walls. A walk through the street is a grand experience that is highly recommended…

Main Route: about 74 km (Eksjö - Skurugata - Hult - Bellö - Edshult - Höreda - Eksjö)
Alternative route: about 45 km (if you do not choose to cycle around Mycklaflon)

Jönköping county traffic
Bicycles must not be taken on regional buses or in city traffic.

See and experience

  • local_seeAshkenazi farm
  • local_seeEksjö museum
  • local_seeEksjö's city center
  • local_seeEngströmsgården in Hult
  • local_seeHults Church
  • local_seeHöreda church
  • local_seeKvänsås beech forest
  • local_seeSkurugata

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