This area is known for its magnificent scenery with high mountains, deep valleys and the magical wilderness. This bike ride takes you to breathtaking views, exciting caves and breathtaking nature reserves.

You pass Trollegater, one of Sweden's largest bedrock caves where, according to legend, trolls lived. A unique geological sight! Another mythical place along the road is Hell's Gate, a mountain pass along a medieval road near Kårtorp where straw robbers were in ambush in the past. One hundred meters south of the pass stands Dacke's stone or Clay stone, to which several legends are attached.

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    Vadstuguberget is located 185 meters above sea level and has extensive views of Lake Åsunden. On Korpberget, which is reached via the same driveway, there are remains of an ancient castle. Here is one of Östergötland's best places for rock climbing.

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    The gates of hell

    Gates of Hell 2

    A mountain pass, near Korpberget, after a medieval road, which was once Charles XI's riding road. This place was known to passers-by as a very dreaded passage, as the surrounding terrain was suitable for raids. According to legend, straw robbers must have been in ambush here. 100 meters south of the prtsen, Lerje's stone stands just over 3 meters high).

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    troll streets

    Take a walk in the footsteps of the ice sheet. Here is one of Sweden's largest bedrock caves with a walking system of just over 140 meters. Explore the world of trolls on your own or with a guide. The large cave, where, according to folklore, trolls once lived, is the most interesting. Through a narrow corridor you come to a hall. At the far end of the hall there are openings to two long corridors which are connected to each other at the far end.

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    Hallstad meadows


    Hallstad meadows is a unique meadow with felled lindens that is beautifully situated by the southern shore of Lake Järnlunden. The lindens are old, gnarled and hollow as a result of regular harvesting of the foliage. Here you will find a rich floral splendor with a variety of herbs and grasses.

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    End the bike ride at Åsundabadet which is located in the middle of Rimforsa. Here is a nice sandy beach.

Some practical tips

This bike ride is easy to ride and does not require any special prior knowledge. The starting point is Rimforss and you cycle on asphalt and gravel roads.

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