This is a bike ride that will stay in your memory for a long time. You get close to nature with life with beautiful lakes, soothing forests and a rich fauna that even includes otters in the nature reserve Lyngemadssjön. The cycling takes place on characteristic gravel roads and there are several attractions to visit along the route. The trip is 78 kilometers long.

Gravel roads have their very special charm. Cycling on gravel in a varied landscape can also take its toll, so it's good to be a reasonably experienced cyclist when cycling this tour. Then there are some nice depots where you can replenish energy along the route.

The text about this bike ride is based on "Scenic gravel round to Hook" which was produced by Calle Andersson at Cycling Jönköping.

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  • doneThe nature reserve at the height of Lyngemadssjön / Hokasjön, which invites you to a unique nature experience.
  • doneHooks GK with associated Hooks Manor. Here you have the opportunity for breakfast, coffee, lunch and overnight stay.
  • doneCarl von Linné called Taberg "the miracle of Småland". Here is a fantastic view, dining at the top and exciting mining guides in the mountain.
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    View of Jönköping from Skinnersdal

    You start by cycling out of Jönköping in an easterly direction and pass the golf club. There will be a climb that will take you up to a small town called Skinnersdal. The reward is the beautiful view of Jönköping and Lake Vättern.

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    gravel road cycling hok jönköping

    If you like gravel cycling, or Gravel as the Anglo-Saxon name reads, this tour is something extra. You pass the town of Tenhult and go down to the nature reserve at Lyngemadssjön. There are forests that are several hundred years old, cliffs and bogs. It is likely that the lucky one can see an otter in Hästgångsån.

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    Hooks Manor

    Cycle gravel road hook

    About halfway and in the far south during the bike ride you will come to Hook's mansion. An elegant facility where there are conference rooms, hotels, golf course, spa and great opportunities for consumption. Hook has a long history. Gustav Vasa himself took over ownership of the village from Nydala monastery in the 16th century. Calle Andersson, who has put together the route at Cycling Jönköping, also recommends a visit to Leva Café & Hemma in Hok.

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    Berget Taberg in dimma_foto Peter Appelin

    Now you turn north again on your bike ride. The next intermediate goal is Taberg. If you have a lot of energy left, you can have coffee on the top of the mountain. A charming alternative is Konditori Rosetten which is located down in Tabergsdalen. You have earned yourself a pastry! With the new energy, you cycle the last bit back to Jönköping.

See and experience

  • local_seeStupid moss nature reserve
  • local_seeHusqvarna Museum
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Bottnaryd's primeval forest
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Råbyskogen
  • local_seeTaberg
  • local_seeThe match area
  • local_seeÄppledalen and Vista hill
  • local_seeÖstra Vätterbranterna nature reserve
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