This bike tour takes you out on Selaön. You cycle through a beautiful agricultural landscape with stately estates and farms. The area offers a rich and exciting history. Along the way you will see both ancient monuments and rune stones from the Viking Age.

The island is divided between the parishes of Ytterselö and Överselö and is Sweden's largest inland island, covering 95 km². During the Viking Age the water level was much higher, and the Selaö Vikings were able to reach the entire known world with their ships. The large grave fields with their large mounds testify to the fact that it was a rich village.

The bike tour is developed by the local Cykelgruppen, which wants to promote cycling in Stallarholmen and the surrounding area. Photo: Jenny Harrysson.

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  • 1

    Start at Östabadet

    This bike tour starts at the bathing area with a long fine sandy beach. See the first "new" rune stone in 1000 years before you start your bike ride. It is also here at Östabadet that the popular Viking Festival takes place every year on the first weekend in July.

  • 2

    Håsta hage


    Large burial mounds from the Viking Age with two rune stones. Was in ancient times the village's gallows hill.

  • 3


    Old party place and clubhouse. Even today a place for various events and festivities such as Stallarholm Day in the spring and Christmas Market in December.

  • 4

    Great Lundby


    Magnificent building from 1746. It was then the summer residence of General Magnus Stierneroos at Låsta Manor. He was an adventurous man. After the Swedish defeat at Poltava, he accompanied King Charles XII to Bender, where he participated in the coming calamity. But Lundby is already mentioned in the 12th century when Vårfruberga Monastery had a share of one penny in Lundby. Private property, but some events when you can visit the farm.

  • 5

    Överselö church


    The oldest parts of the church are from the later part of the 12th century. The church has well-preserved ceiling paintings from the 15th century, painted by wandering painters who adorned our churches in the Mälardalen region. Outside the church there are six rune stones.

  • 6

    Algö farm


    Algö is mentioned for the first time in 1303 as folkungagods and seems to have belonged for some time to the dukes Erik and Valdemar who were the sons of Magnus Ladulås and are known through Nyköping's gästabud. Algö was donated in 1320 to Birger Persson, who was the father of Saint Birgitta. For centuries it has been the seat of the nobility, including the Soop and Slatte family (who also owned Mälsåker Castle) and the widowed queen Hedvig Eleonora are listed as owners. Together with the glassworks that Duke Karl established in Nyköping, the estate was the first glassworks in Sweden and the beginning of the country's glass industry. Private ownership.

  • 7


    Stop and take a dip at the beautiful Ekebyviksbadet. There is a lawn and a small fine-grained sandy beach. There are also tables and seats if you bring a picnic. The bath is run by the association Ekebyvikskamraterna.

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    28.Janslunda.PRINT.Cykelgruppen.LEV.290823.J. HARRYSSON

    Old manor house and bishop's residence. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a residence for officers of the Södermanland regiment. There was a brickworks here that in the mid-18th century burned about 36,000 bricks per year. Private property.

  • 9


    Farm shop, self-picking of strawberries and raspberries, and other summer vegetables. Vegetable garden with potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and onions.

  • 10

    Ärnesta farm


    Here you are on historical ground. Ärnesta was one of the medieval church properties owned by Gustav Vasa at his death in 1560. Between Ärnesta and Surssa there are some bad forest roads.

  • 11

    Asa cemetery


    Åsa grave field is one of Södermanland County's largest preserved grave fields from the Younger Iron Age. Here grows the protected Backsippan with bell-like violet flowers. In the spring in April-May you can see them bloom. The cemetery consists of about 250 different graves. The most famous ancient monument is a 33-meter-long ship set, called Åsa Domarsäte. To the west of the highway there is also a ring of seven standing stones.

  • 12

    Egalla - Berg

    Egalla is a farm with a long history. Bergs village consists of several old farms where the local artist, Uno Stallarholm (1894-1974) lived for most of his childhood.

  • 13

    Back at Stallarholmen

    Now this bike ride is over and you may want to take a dip at Östabadet. Then you can take the opportunity to have a coffee at Gula Industrihuset. Here is Bageri Speceri, an award-winning wood oven bakery with a café and shops with a clear focus on reuse, local and organic production.

Some practical tips

The small roads around Stallarholmen are perfect for a bike ride. There are four cycling trails, two on the mainland and two on Selaön, all of which take you past sights and nature. The trails are between 20-30 kilometers long.

This cycling tour is easy and requires no special skills. The forest road between Ärnesta and Surssa is at times worse.

Detour 1: Old ferry terminal Tynnelsö (not signposted)
At Överselö Church (stop 5), you can take a detour to the old ferry landing where you can see Tynnelsö Castle, which is located on its own island. The castle rises like a pink tower and has been owned by both bishops and royalty. The castle has an exciting history, Gustav Vasa and his family stayed here a few times a year and a Polish countess got the castle as part of a debt repayment when Charles XII had borrowed large sums in Turkey. read more here.

Detour 2: Nybble village (not signposted)
At Vittinge road junction (between stops 8 and 9) you can cycle to Nybble village. Here are old buildings with a beautiful rune stone that stands on private land.

Getting Here

From Strängnäs and Mariefred you can follow the Näckrosledens stage that runs between these cities. Where Björkebyleden crosses Näckrosleden, you follow that trail to Stallarholmen and Östabadet. All four trails start there.

It is also possible to take a bicycle on the village bus, subject to availability. There is a bus from Strängnäs and Mariefred to Stallarholmen. Read more on the Sörmlandstrafiken website..
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