In a song called Connemara, Ulf Lundell writes of winter as a rusty chariot swinging with its fire pipe in the garden. An unexpected poetic image with its own special energy. This is a bike ride for those who can see that winter / tank for your inner look.

Just outside Strängnäs is Scandinavia's largest military vehicle museum Arsenalen. There you can learn most about military vehicle development from the beginning of the 20th century until today. You cycle about seven kilometers from central Strängnäs, spend a few hours among bandwagon cars, green painted trucks and old tanks. After a shrimp sandwich or something else in the museum café, you cycle back to Strängnäs full of new impressions.

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    Strängnäs Cathedral

    Strängnäs Cathedral

    You start the bike ride on classic land south of Strängnäs huge cathedral, a short walk from the city station. There are several ways to get to Regementsgatan. We suggest that you take Lektorsgatan, Trädgårdsgatan, Nikandergatan, Bondegatan and Kristinavägen to the roundabout at Paulinska school where Regementsgatan takes over in a northern direction.

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    Vansö church

    Follow Regementsgatan with a beautiful view of Lake Mälaren on your right. Continue in a northwesterly direction up to Vansö. You actually follow three different cycle paths: Mälardalsleden, Strandleden and Näckrosleden. At Vansö church, turn off southwest towards Härad.

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    The arsenal

    The arsenal

    After about 12 kilometers in one direction you are there. Next to the small town of Näsbyholm is the Arsenal, which is the Nordic region's largest museum for military vehicles.

Some practical tips

It's 12.4 kilometers of cycling and quite flat, so you do not have to be in top shape to get back and forth the same day. At good speed, the trip takes a little more than half an hour, you take it easy and stop for a time or two, maybe it takes up to an hour. Partly there is a bike path. When you cycle on a country road, the traffic is fairly calm, but it is important to be careful because there is not much roadside. We always recommend that you use a bicycle helmet.

Arriving at the Arsenal, there is a nice museum shop where you can buy everything from kits with a vehicle theme to coffee mugs with the museum's logo. There is also a restaurant where the hungry cyclist can have a cup of coffee and a shrimp sandwich. The toilets are fresh and of course the museum itself is a great experience for both children and adults. You see a nostalgic glimpse in the eyes of the older generation who stood and stomped in a snowdrift in Boden or maybe at P10.

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