This bike tour takes you around beautiful Herresta Bay. The starting point is Östabadet and then you cycle over the bridge and follow Brogatan to the school. There you turn off towards Mariefred. After a few kilometers you come to Toresund's church. Be sure to look in if the church is open.

The bike tour is developed by the local Cykelgruppen, which wants to promote cycling in Stallarholmen and the surrounding area. Photo: Jenny Harrysson.

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    Toresund church

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    The church is from the 12th century, expanded in the 14th and 15th centuries (the first church was built in wood in the 11th century). One of the largest country churches in Sörmland with a rich treasure of furnishings from both the Middle Ages and more recent times. Was a so-called "häradskyrka" and "tingskyrka", hence the size. Anund Sture of Räfsnäs (brother of Sten Sture the elder) is buried in the church.

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    The building dates from the 17th century. In 1675, several witch trials were held here. Poorhouse and from 1812 school until 1958. From 1988 a local farm. Also houses a small local museum. Activities during the year and in July the local history association holds an open house on Saturdays and Sundays with a theme exhibition.

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    Norrby Golf

    Family owned nice golf course with 18 holes. During the golf season there is a restaurant and café with lunch of the day, sandwiches and homemade coffee bread.

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    Herresta Estate


    From the 16th century with roots in Swedish history. Current main building with wings from the early 18th century. The farm has been in the Paus family since the 1920s.

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    Rävsnäs manor house


    Owned in the 1300-1400s by the Sture family. Inherited in 1503 by Sten Sture's nephew Erik Johansson, Gustav Vasa's father. Has been owned by various noble families over the centuries. The road you cycle on towards Salby is called Vasavägen. Gustav Vasa traveled on it during his escape from the Danes in November 1520. He continued across Kolsundet and across Selaön to Dalarna. Private property.

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    At Salby you meet Björkebyleden and the cycle paths go together towards Stallarholmen. Here is Bageri Speceri, an award-winning wood oven bakery with a café and shops with a clear focus on recycling, local and organic production.

Some practical tips

The small roads around Stallarholmen are perfect for a bike ride. There are four cycling trails, two on the mainland and two on Selaön, all of which take you past sights and nature. The trails are between 20-30 kilometers long.

This cycling tour is easy and requires no special prior knowledge. If you want to shorten the trip, you can cycle via Edeby back to Toresund. Between Herresta and Rävsnäs, a short section of the road at Djupvik is quite poor. There you can lead the bike.

Detour: Saxborg (not signposted)
Continue on the road past Herresta Säteri, straight down towards the water. Here there is an ancient castle with a splendid view of Lake Mälaren.

Alternative route (not signposted)
Cycle the road past the golf course and further up through the forest. At the first junction, follow the road to the right. After a while you come to a crossroads where it says "Floating site". There you have a nice view of Lake Mälaren. Otherwise continue straight ahead and follow the main road all the time. After a few kilometers you will arrive at Edeby farm and the road to Herresta, where the cycle path runs. You cycle past Edeby farm and on towards Herresta plot area. The trail turns off on a small road (road barrier). You will soon pass beautiful oak hills down by Lövnäsviken and Gunnviksviken. Cycle on to Herresta.

Getting Here

From Strängnäs and Mariefred you can follow the Näckrosledens stage that runs between these cities. Where Björkebyleden crosses Näckrosleden, you follow that trail to Stallarholmen and Östabadet. All four trails start there.

It is also possible to take a bicycle on the village bus, subject to availability. There is a bus from Strängnäs and Mariefred to Stallarholmen. Read more on the Sörmlandstrafiken website..
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