This is a round of paths in the forest that is very suitable for families with children. The route stretches about 7 kilometers west of central Jönköping and the starting point is the bath at Axamosjön. It's about 7 kilometers of cycling.

When cycling with children, it is good if there are fun things along the way. Not least ice cream! On this family tour you can stop and have coffee or buy ice cream and there is a climbing park by the pool with exciting adventure courses. You can start the bike ride at Axamobadet or Hallbystugan.

The bike ride is developed by Tobias Dahlberg at Cycling Jönköping. The image is also taken from there.

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  • doneThe kiosk at Axamobadet sells both ice cream and sweets.
  • done Nyström's Handelsträdgård with café. Please note that opening hours may vary.
  • doneAt Höglunds Handelsträdgård, ice cream is available for purchase. Perfect to stay at!
  • doneClimbing park with adventure courses is available at Axamobadet.
  • doneAt Hallbystugan there are both mtb tracks and running tracks.
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    You can start the bike ride at Axamobadet, which is located on the lake's south shore. The tour goes along the lake through the cozy Axamo forest. Axamoskogen and the lake are next door to the high bog Dumme bog and is located high in the landscape.

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    Tobias Dahlberg, who has produced the round, suggests bringing swimwear. Especially on a hot day, it can be nice to take a dip in Axamosjön after the bike ride. For the first part, follow the Rallarleden markings, which are fiery yellow. The goal is Hallbystugan in a northeasterly direction. The route is easy to cycle. At the sports center there are lots of tracks for both running and cycling.

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    Green or blue around the lake

    Tobias recommends that you follow the green or blue trail around the lake. Cycling is no more difficult or strenuous than most people can handle. A small spice in the MTB tour for the younger cyclists are the two commercial gardens along the route. In summer there is a café at Nyströms and an ice cream box at Höglunds. Check the opening hours to be sure! There is also a kiosk at Axamobadet.

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    Extra trip on the Olsbo line

    You who have the strength and feel for more cycling can follow the Rallarleden and then continue on the Olsbo line. Many exciting turns await you here!

Some practical tips

This bike ride is easy to ride and is great for children. Parking is available at Axamobadet if you come by car. It is also possible to park at the sports center Hallbystugan.

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