Bratteborgaren is a real classic! A fully-fledged experience for you who love road cycling without too much climbing with beautiful views and nice environments. You start at the Pier in Jönköping.

The text about this bike ride is based on "Bratteborgaren" on JKPG.COM where the pictures are also downloaded.

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  • doneCarl von Linné called Taberg "the miracle of Småland". Here is a fantastic view, dining at the top and exciting mining guides in the mountain.
  • doneBratteborg's farm became a manor in the 17th century and has a timbered main building in Carolingian style. Incredible beautiful!
  • doneRiddersbergs manor is beautifully situated by Rogbergasjön. Previous owners included the artist Calle Örnemark.
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    The chocolate workshop


    Cycling starts at the Pier in Jönköping. In Bårarp after a few kilometers there is the Chocolate Workshop where you can buy pralines.

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    Berget Taberg in dimma_foto Peter Appelin

    After about 15 kilometers of cycling, you can enjoy Tabergstoppen. Either just by looking at the mountain that Carl von Linné is said to have called "Småland's miracle", or you cycle up to the top and have a coffee at the café at the top.

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    Bratteborgs gård

    Cycling country road Bratteborgaren Jönköping

    After just over 30 km you come to Bratteborg's farm there, dating from the 17th century. The farm is in Carolingian style and many fine horses have been bred here over the years. The cycling-savvy writer at JKPG.COM who writes about Bratteborgaren calls it "Småland's finest road section". Not bad!

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    View of Jönköping from Skinnersdal

    After a few miles in a northerly direction, you will reach the small town of Skinnersdal. Here it can fit well with a stop to enjoy the view of Jönköping. It probably feels a bit in the legs after seventy miles and the thought of dinner in Jönköping probably feels very nice.

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    Bratteborgaren road cycling Jönköping

    There are several good places to eat for hungry cyclists. STUK serves good pizza, El Duderino offers good food and a nice atmosphere. Idle Wild in the Match area is also recommended.

Some practical tips

You ride on 100% asphalt. The tour goes on quiet roads without too much ascent.

Points of Interest

  • local_seeStupid moss nature reserve
  • local_seeHusqvarna Museum
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Bottnaryd's primeval forest
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Råbyskogen
  • local_seeTaberg
  • local_seeThe match area
  • local_seeÄppledalen and Vista hill
  • local_seeÖstra Vätterbranterna nature reserve
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