Björkebyleden takes you through an old cultural landscape with wonderful and varied nature. You cycle on idyllic winding roads.

Before you start your bike ride, walk down among the birches and look at the rune stone erected by the Vikings of Stallarholmen on July 2, 2006. It is 1000 years since any rune stone was erected in our area. The text reads: The Vikings of Stallarholmen erected the stone as a link between the past and the future.. On the first weekend in July every year we have a big Viking festival here with many different activities.

The bike tour is developed by the local Cykelgruppen, which wants to promote cycling in Stallarholmen and the surrounding area. Photo: Gula Huset, You Are Here. Other photos, Jenny Harrysson.

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    Art break

    Concrete sofa.1.120522.J.HARRYSSON

    Art Break was a project funded by the ESF Council that ended in 2007. Along an approximate distance of about two kilometers, five works of art have been placed. Most are easily accessible along the road and near the water, with one in a forest clearing.

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    Gesta farm


    Close to Gesta Farm is the Gesta Wild Water with great bird habitats, so take a break and look for birds.

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    Diversity of soils


    Protected area with a very rich flora. Take a nice walk over the hills. A little further along the road you pass what used to be the Gesta school. Notice the milestone! When you reach Strängnäsvägen, turn left and follow Strängnäsvägen to Sandåsa where the trail turns left.

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    Sandåsa Timber AB

    Wood processing companies.

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    Björkeby farm


    Donated in the 15th century by Sten Sture the Elder to the monastery in Mariefred. After the Reformation, Gustav Vasa gave the estate to one of his councillors. In the 17th century, Björkeby became a manor house and officers' residence. Private ownership.

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    The farm dates back to the 17th century when it was a county farm. The original name of the farm was Krågesta. Private property. This road used to be the connection between Mariefred and Stallarholmen.

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    Gula Industrihuset autumn_20201020_FotoYAH2

    Back to Stallarholmen. Now this bike ride is over and you may want to take a dip at Östabadet. Then you can have a coffee at Gula Industrihuset. Here is Bageri Speceri, an award-winning wood oven bakery with a café and shops with a clear focus on reuse, local and organic production.

Some practical tips

The small roads around Stallarholmen are perfect for a bike ride. There are four cycling trails, two on the mainland and two on Selaön, all of which take you past sights and nature. The trails are between 20-30 kilometers long.

At Kumla you cross Mariefredsvägen and continue towards Salby. Here you meet Herrestaleden. The cycle paths go together towards Stallarholmen.

This bike ride is easy and requires no special knowledge, but between Hallinge and Stavtorp a short stretch (about 500 meters) at Gröndal is paved with cobblestones and we recommend that you lead your bike here. At the next crossroads you meet Näckrosleden (if you want to cycle to Strängnäs turn right and follow Näckrosleden) and follow it to the left until you turn off towards Björkeby. You also have the option of following Näckrosleden to Mariefred. If you come from there, you can now follow Björkebyleden to Stallarholmen. All possibilities are available. Just choose!

Getting Here

From Strängnäs and Mariefred you can follow the Näckrosledens stage that runs between these cities. Where Björkebyleden crosses Näckrosleden, you follow that trail to Stallarholmen and Östabadet. All four trails start there.

It is also possible to take a bicycle on the village bus, subject to availability. There is a bus from Strängnäs and Mariefred to Stallarholmen. Read more on the Sörmlandstrafiken website..
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