In western Uppland you will find an area with the poetically sounding name Fjärdhundraland. Because there are so many small-scale food producers in the area, they are sometimes called "Sweden's Tuscany". This bike ride gets stuck on it.

The bike ride starts from Örsundsbro, which lies between Uppsala and Enköping, along low-traffic roads with good road standards (mainly asphalt). Here you are in a vibrant countryside with an exciting history, great nature experiences and exciting small businesses.

You cycle and make small stops at charming cafes and farms with self-produced food. Along the way you enjoy the fertile, varied cultural landscape from the bicycle saddle. The name Fjärdhundrandand comes from the medieval Fjädrundaland which was a so-called folkland, a land area that had its own law and a lawman. Those who enjoy history can find many nice excursion destinations in the area.

Opening hours among cafes and farm shops may vary during the off-season. It is a rural environment and much to be done on the farms, but it is a fantastic bike ride even though it is not open everywhere. 

Bicycle friendly accommodation: Extend the bike ride with an overnight stay in a bike-friendly accommodation with special services for you as a cyclist. In the immediate area there are several nice options such as Ekolsund Castle or Overseas agriculture or Brunnsta Gård.

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    Oldest gardens

    Oldest gardens

    To enjoy the bike ride through Sweden's Tuscany, you should head towards the community of Örsundsbro. Turn left from the café towards the main road - Uppsalavägen - and cycle west. Do not take off up towards Oxdjupet but follow Alstasjön up to Alsta gardens (the sign circled below) which is up to the right. It is about 6 kilometers from Salnecke. Alsta Gardens has a nice café, you can sit both indoors and outdoors. Feel free to take a walk (on foot) in the greenhouse.

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    Resta Gård

    Resta farm

    The next stop on the culinary journey is Resta, which is a few more kilometers up the road. Do not turn left towards Nysätra but continue to the right north up to Resta gård. There is a B&B, self-service dairy, Krav vegetables and gardens. There is a farm shop with the opportunity to buy coffee and you can borrow a map for a tour. Read more on the clear signs.

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    Landsberga farm

    Landsberga farm

    The journey continues by cycling down the same road to the south and this time you turn west towards Nysätra. Just south of Nysätra is the next stage destination which is Landsberga farm. There is a café and farm shop. Lots of good energy to replenish before the continuation of the bike ride. Landsberga Gårdsbutik and Café are open weekdays 11-18 and weekends 11-16.

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    Härkeberga church

    Now the spiritual hearth awaits, as they say. Cycle south towards Långtora, turn right down towards Härkeberga and stop at the beautifully situated church. Here are very fine examples of the famous church painter Albertus Pictor's (circa 1440 - 1509) painting. Take your time, unwind, walk around the church and look at the dramatic biblical world of images.

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    Kromsta country house

    Kromsta country house

    The last stop on the trip before returning to Örsundsbro is Kromsta lantbod. Here you can buy bread and cheese from other farms in the farm, and meat from Kromsta's own breeding.

Some practical tips

At Salnecke castle café you eat and have a good coffee in a cozy environment. From Örsundsbro you can cycle the Mälardalsleden south down to Bålsta where there are commuter trains. If you are attentive and use a good cycling map, you can get from Uppsala to Örsundsbro via an old embankment. However, it is important to show consideration for landowners, and as I said, it is important to be on the map. If you choose the Mälardalsleden to the south, you can stay at Ekolsund Castle, Övergrans farm or Brunnsta farm - all are classified as Bicycle-friendly accommodation.

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