Surely it sounds good to have Snällebo as the final destination for a bike ride? Rånen is a nice lake located south of Valdemarsvik. You can start from Snällebo and then the trip is about 16 kilometers long. If you cycle from Valdemarsvik and back, the trip around Rånen is about 28 kilometers. You will see old crofts, farms and the Hornsberg estate dating from the 15th century.

This bike ride takes you around Lake Rånen in Tryserum parish. Tryseurm is the parish in the municipality that had the most adesmen in history.

The text is based on a PDF that Valdemarsvik's municipality has produced and which offers interesting in-depth reading for those who are interested.

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    The ancient castle at Hagby

    You do not visit the farm Snällebo at the beginning of the tour, but initially take you past a small ancient castle at Hagby. The remains are not very clearly visible, and that's not so strange considering the age. Most ancient castles were built between 750 BC and 1050 AD. This one was probably used for defense. More to read can be found on the information board.

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    Härads copper mine

    For 16 years from 1860, the mine in Härad was used for mining copper ore. One of the mining holes is about 70 meters deep. When transporting the ore in the direction of Valdemarsvik, they used carts pulled by horses or oxen.

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    In Lövbo, there has been a mill, smithy and sawmill. Nevertheless, perhaps the most important thing that happened at the site was that almost the entire village burned down in June 1928.

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    Down at the southern end of Rånen is the old estate Hornsberg. It was mentioned in writing as early as 1423 under its old name Kurum, which was spelled "korwm" when it went. Arvid Bernhard Horn, who was not only a count but the leading politician in Sweden during a period in the 18th century, renamed the estate Hornsberg in 1726. Today's main building in stone and brick was built in the 1840s.

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    Here is an old house from the end of the 18th century. The clockmaker and organist Charles Dalgren and Botilda Jonsdotter lived here. Notice all the fine stone walls.

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    Tryserums church

    The church in Tryserum was inaugurated on August 26, 1785. The bishop himself was present.

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    The farm is mentioned in writing as early as the middle of the 15th century. Here lived in the 17th century a man named Håkan Jönsson and who succeeded with the feat of becoming the father of 22 children. A special detail is that the barn is built in a square, which is unusual in the area.

Some practical tips

This bike ride is easy to ride and does not require any special prior knowledge. The first half is on asphalt while the latter part is on gravel road and is more hilly.

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