A bike ride around Lake Åsunden will take you through a varied landscape on low-traffic roads with sparkling lake views. Road 34 is quite busy but soon you can turn off on a small parallel road next door. You avoid the heavy traffic and tread between farms and forest groves.

In this area there are many ancient monuments and you will pass burial grounds, building blocks, exciting caves and a nostalgic BP gas station. You cycle near the lake and there are several opportunities for swimming. On the map you see some suggestions for nice bathing places. We also recommend a detour from Spångsholm to the ancient castles Hovberget and Hisneklint with fantastic views.

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    Kinda channel

    Kinda canal stretches from Lake Roxen and the plains in the north to the forest area and Lake Åsunden in the south. The canal consists of sections with an excavated canal and 6 lakes. There are a total of 15 locks. All are opened by hand by lock guards. Just as it was done when the canal was inaugurated almost 150 years ago. Today, the canal is a culturally and historically valuable environment of national interest, a well-visited tourist attraction and a beauty experience.

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    Spoon by the castle

    The farm was first mentioned in 1279. The old building is probably from the 17th century. The castle from the 1780s was designed by the architect Carl Fredrik Adelcrantz.

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    In Kättilstads nature reserve there are both beautiful oak groves and children's natural forest rich in boulders. In one of the pastures are the foundations of former crofts and in the forest the remains of an ancient castle. If you follow the nature trail here, you can get stories about the area read to you.

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    Hamra ekhagar

    Along Ämmern's beautiful beach in Kinda municipality is the nature reserve Hamra ekhagar. As the name suggests, nature here is dominated by lush and open pastures with oak. The place name Hamra has ancient origins and the land in the area has a long historical past as a cultivated landscape.

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    Seven robbers were in a cave north of Nybygget in Björkfors. They abducted a girl from Vånga who was held captive for several years. The Vång farmers were avenged by smoking to kill the robbers in their cave. At least that's what the legends say.

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    Soldattorpet Ekelid

    Grenadjärtorpet Ekelid is from the 17th century with a collection of old objects from the area. Hembygdsgården consists of croft, barn, shed and smithy. Very nice view from the height behind the museum.

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    BP Nostalgimack

    The gas station opened in 1955 and was in use until 1983. In 2001, the gas station was inaugurated as a Nostalgia Museum and is today decorated as it looked in the 1950s and 60s.

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    Hail burial ground

    The burial ground at Hagla is probably from the Late Iron Age around 400 AD. There are about ten erected stones, which form part of burial sites. There are also tombs in the form of four round stone formations. One of these was examined archaeologically in 1972 and turned out to contain a coffin.

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    Gumhem's burial ground

    This is an exciting and beautiful place worth a detour. Gumhem's burial ground is the second largest burial ground in Östergötland. from the Neolithic (500-1050 AD). The burial ground is dominated by a large shipwreck and a judge's ring.

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    Baustasten Härna

    The monument stone at Härna has, according to tradition, been erected in memory of the first Christian in Hycklinge. The stone is almost 2 meters high. Bautastenar often marks a grave, according to tradition Bautastenen at Härna marks the grave where the first Christian in Hycklinge rests.

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    This is a terrible story. According to legend, a girl from Fågelsrum was captured and put in the cave. After a while, she had to go home and visit her relatives. On the way back, she sprinkled peas and could thus be freed.

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    Hornåbergs bathing place

    Stop and take a dip at Hornåberg's bathing area with a fine sandy beach. Here are bridges and diving towers. Changing rooms and toilets. The bathing area is adjacent to Hornåbergs camping with café and restaurant.

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    Trossbonäs bathing place

    Here is a child-friendly, shallow bathing area with a sandy beach by Åsunden near Horn. You follow a footpath down to the water. Soil toilet available.

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    There are several opportunities for swimming. Råsöbadet is a child-friendly, shallow bathing area with a sandy beach by Åsunden. Soil toilet available.

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    Detour from Spångsholm to the ancient castles Hovberget and Hisneklint with fantastic views.

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    Kisa homestead

    From Kisa homestead you have a beautiful view of Lake Kisa. Hembygdgården consists of 14 culture houses from all over Kindabygden. The main building is a manor house from Hovby farm in Västra Eneby parish from the 17th century. The new Lodge houses, among other things, a photo museum.

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    Vårgårdsudde bathing place

    In central Kisa there is a swimming area with a jetty and a small sandy beach with grass area by Lake Kisa.

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    The gates of hell

    A mountain pass, near Korpberget, after a medieval road, which was once Charles XI's riding road. This place was known to passers-by as a very dreaded passage, as the surrounding terrain was suitable for raids. According to legend, straw robbers must have been in ambush here. 100 meters south of the prtsen, Lerje's stone stands just over 3 meters high).

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    Vadstuguberget is located 185 meters above sea level and has extensive views of Lake Åsunden. On Korpberget, which is reached via the same driveway, there are remains of an ancient castle. Here is one of Östergötland's best places for rock climbing.

Some practical tips

This bike ride is easy to ride and does not require any special prior knowledge. You cycle on roads with asphalt and on smaller gravel roads, sometimes on slightly busier country roads.

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