The cycle tour starts in central Sundsvall. You go around the harbor area and cycle north towards Skönsberg and further north until you reach Alnöbron. The bridge is quite narrow and you share the road with cars, so be careful there.

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  • doneThe Spikarna fishing location with a cozy environment
  • doneAll fantastic swimming spots on Alnön
  • doneAlnö old church with its ceiling paintings
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    Culture magazine

    culture magazine-and-stenstan-sweden-by-bike_foto_evelina-ytterbom

    Kulturmagasinet are four old harbor warehouses in Stenstaden in Sundsvall. Here you can find, among other things, Sundsvall's city library, Sundsvall's museum and a cozy café.

  • 2

    North mountain


    On the right side, you see Norra Berget, which rises majestically over Sundsvall. It is a well-visited nature area and open-air museum with wonderful views.

  • 3

    Alnö old church and homestead


    Alnö old church is one of the oldest in Norrland. It is built in whitewashed gray stone and has wonderful ceiling paintings from the 15th century. Right next door is the Hembygdsgården, which has cozy dining in the summer.

  • 4

    Stornäset nature reserve

    On a headland in the sea is the Stornäset nature reserve. Here you can see birds of all kinds. In the summer you can see Highland Cattle grazing. The fine sandy beaches are popular for sunbathing and swimming.

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    Slädaviken's sea bath

    Alnö is sometimes referred to as "Norrland's Hawaii" and there are many great swimming spots on the island. Here you can stop at Slädavikens havsbad.

  • 6

    The source of health

    Between Grönviken and Hartungviken you will find the Hälsokällan, which according to legend will keep us healthy if we drink from the water. Stop by and taste the good water.

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    Hartungviken sea bath

    Hartungviken havsbad has a large fine sandy beach and good areas for activities such as beach volleyball. A little further down, you will find the bathing area Havstoviken.

  • 8

    The Spikes and the Scurvy

    Spikarna is a picturesque fishing village with nice rock baths and lovely nature. Don't miss the adjacent island of Skorven with its beautiful buildings and Spikarö chapel. On the eastern side of Skorven, the rocks drop steeply into the sea and the view towards the horizon is wonderful. In the middle of the island there is a heather-rich blueberry forest and on the southern part a cobblestone field. The sea bath Tranviken is fantastic.

  • 9

    Bänkåsviken and Krokviken

    There are several sea baths on this cycle tour, and here you will find Bänkåsviken and Krokviken which, unlike many other beaches around Alnö, are not very shallow, which makes it perfect for cold swimming there in winter.

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    Sundsvall and Stenstan

    storgatan's-stone house-and-architecture-stenstan-sundsvall-cycle-tour-sweden-by-bike_foto_evelina-ytterbom

    You cycle back to central Sundsvall and here there is a fine selection of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Some practical tips

This bike ride is almost entirely on asphalt. When you cycle over the Alnö bridge, be careful. Don't miss all the nice bathing bays around the whole island and the fishing village Spikarna.

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