Basic course packaging

For those who want to arrange and offer attractive bike packages.

Interest in bicycle travel is increasing rapidly in Sweden. With an attractive bicycle package, the step is short for increased local tourism and revenue for the entrepreneur. At the same time, it is important to do right from the start and understand how a bike package works. This course takes up the crucial steps in the process and is designed to be quickly put into practice.    

Based on concrete experience of packaging and the needs of cycling tourists, participants learn to start from local conditions, put together an attractive offer and handle the practical elements that a bicycle package requires. The training is inspiring and specially adapted for those who, with limited resources, want to achieve results quickly. Applying international success strategies to local conditions.

Course content:

  • - Why package an offer?
  • - What are the basics of an attractive bike package?
  • - How does the Package Travel Act work? Travel Guarantee?
  • - Which target group suits me?
  • - Local conditions and needs
  • - What "cycling infrastructure" is needed?
  • - How do I address the right target group?
  • - Composition and expression

Target group: The course is aimed at you as an entrepreneur who wants to offer packaged experiences aimed at cycling tourists based on your unique circumstances as well as to destination developers, tourism managers, communicators and others who want to reach cyclists as customers.

When and where: Stockholm November 27, 2019 at 10-15. Sweden by Bike, Centralplan 3 (right next to Stockholm Central Station).

Cost: SEK 3,200 excluding VAT. Coffee, lunch, documentation and course certificate are included in the price.

Registration: Via e-mail:

Lecturer Katarina Bergstrand: is CEO of Sweden by Bike and has experience in business development in various industries (tourism, insurance, transport and real estate). Has produced reports on cycling and public transport and mapped Swedish bicycle tourism on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth / Ministry of Industry. Understand the contractor's terms and how important it is to quickly achieve results with limited resources. 

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