Meet Katarina - Sweden by Bikes CEO and founder

Katarina Bergstrand is both CEO and one of two founders of Sweden by Bike. Here you will get to know her a little better as well as share her thoughts on cycling tourism ahead.

Hi Catherine! How would you like to summarize the 2019 cycling season at Sweden by Bike? 

It is noticeable that we have reached even better this season, and that more have opened our eyes to a cycling holiday in Sweden. This has also meant a higher load on our customer service during the peak season, something we are trying to plan for in 2020. We are also very proud that we have received such high ratings from customers who have booked bicycle packages. Several of the customers are also returning from previous years, which feels great fun!  

What is your finest bike memory 2019? 

An early Sunday morning in mid-May we took a bike ride from central Stockholm. We ate lunch at Häringe castle and just enjoyed the spring sun ... This summer I hope to be able to go on a little longer cycling holiday, but it can be difficult to choose when I know that there are so many good options, haha

Why do you work at Sweden by Bike? 

We started Sweden by Bike because we saw an untapped potential and wanted to join and develop bicycle tourism as a phenomenon here in Sweden. I enjoy working with something that I believe in. Since then, some things have been much more difficult than we initially thought, but it is not that strange when trying new solutions. I am incredibly proud of our team. We are all quite different, and I think that is our strength. Then I enjoy!  

What do you hope to see more of in the bicycle industry 2020?

The bicycle industry is working well and I hope we will see even more cyclists in the future. Then it is important that the cyclists interact with the pedestrians in a good way, and with the motor vehicles of course. 

How many bicycle meters have you cycled this year yourself?

So far this year, it has not been as many meters, despite the mild winter. Then I hope to be able to get on some nice long trips this summer and at least a week's cycling holiday. Unfortunately, I have problems with my wrists, which makes cycling difficult, but most things can be solved if the will exists.

What kind of bike do you have?

A traditional women's bike with a bicycle basket and a large package holder. 

Which celebrity would you most like to go on a bike ride with?

Then I say super guitarist Yngwie Malmsten, because then I would fix an autograph for my guitar playing son!