The cycling destination Jönköping puts in the next gear

From an already strong position, Jönköping is now taking the next step as a cycling destination. Here are the big events, a varied selection of MTB and not least lots of nice bike paths for all kinds of bike tourists. Through the collaboration with Sweden by Bike, the tourism manager Johan Lind hopes for one or two tips on packaging and that the many local entrepreneurs in cycling will get even more customers. 

Jönköping is well known among cyclists and cycling tourism is one of the areas that you have chosen to prioritize. Can you tell us why cycling is an important area for you to invest in?

For several years, we have felt that the interest in cycling, both from national and international visitors, is increasing. The nature around Jönköping is made for mountain biking and the cycle paths through the beautiful landscape are world class. Here you will find everything from beautiful country roads, gravel roads and paths to challenging slopes and beautiful MTB trails. There are also a number of cycling enthusiasts, run cycling clubs and a hospitality industry that can meet the great interest in cycling competitions, guided tours and cycling packaging. We as a destination company are constantly working to develop our place to meet expectations from the market. Being on our toes when it comes to cycling in particular feels like a matter of course for us. 

Now you start working with us at Sweden by Bike. Can you tell us a little about the background to it and your expectations?

Destination Jönköping has worked a lot with cycling in recent years. Both with our big events that attract participants from all over the world and with strengthening us as a destination for the "basket bike tourist" and everything in between. We see Sweden by Bike as a really good partner with control over what our target groups demand. SBB is a well-known platform that means a good way for our bicycle companies and bicycle hotels to reach out with their offers and has a good reputation and a lot of knowledge about packaging. We are very much looking forward to continuing to strengthen Jönköping as a cycling destination together. And of course that the collaboration will lead to more business for our companies around the destination. 

Finally, do you have your own favorite round that you can tell us about when you take a ride on the bike?

I myself am mostly a basket bike tourist when I ride a bike, but I also like the speed and the fine training that MTB provides. Basket cycling tips are "Landsjön runt" through Äppledalen and fantastic Visingsö. The MTB range is constantly growing around Jönköping, so here I have a lot left to discover, but at our larger MTB arenas, Hallby just west of Jönköping and IKHP up on Huskvarnaberget, there is plenty to choose from. There you will find everything from nice flow and technical challenges to tough climbs.