Over 100 reasons to choose a cycling holiday in Nyköping this summer

Bicycle orientation, idyllic new bike packages and Nyköpingsborna's very own 100-list with tips on things to discover. The list, released today on May 21, invites you to a real inspiration party for those planning a cycling holiday in Nyköping this summer. Here we meet Johanna Åkerman, Destination Developer at Nyköping Municipality, who tells us more.

Hello Johanna! In Nyköping we know that the distances are short and the bicycle pearls many, and today the starting shot for "Turista at home". Tell me, what does that mean?
This year we are aiming for the Nyköping residents to stay at home all summer and when the starting shot goes today we release, among other things, the Nyköping residents' own list of 100 ways to experience Nyköping. 100 days of fun = tourist at home. During the period February to April 2020, Nyköpings residents have been able to contribute their tips to this year's 100-list, a list that will serve as inspiration to discover Nyköping - whether you are a visitor, a new resident or have lived here for a long time. All tips are hand-picked from the Nyköping residents themselves - the ones who know the place best!

Can you give some examples of things that happen on the occasion of tourist at home days?
Yes, during the starting shot this happens:

  1. Öster Malmas Wildlife park, farm shop and café are open
  2. Go on a unique sidewalk exhibition on Västra main street to the city bridge! 
  3. Spring the Rise Round, drop in!
  4. Hiking on the Sörmland Trail! Join us on a 9 km long walking tour of the Nynäs Nature Reserve.
  5. Bike orientation all summer long

Why do you think cycling fits so well into the concept?
Bicycle is the perfect means of transport in the summer when you are going around Nyköping. There are no great distances so you can easily take the bike for a swim, discover the scenery or when to go out and jog. During the summer you can also bike orientate in Nyköping by purchasing a bike orientation package and head out on winding country roads and discover Nyköping from the saddle. You can buy the package in Gumshallen or at Nyköping or Oxelösund tourist office and costs SEK 160.

Do you have any personal favorite bike rides?
Personally, I often take the bike down to the harbor for an ice cream and a moment's play with the kids in the playground at night. On the way down to the harbor, I cycle through Nyköping's cozy center via Nyköpingshus and follow the river further down towards the harbor. If I need to cycle a little further I can advise on taking the bike towards Kiladalen, on the way you can visit the Linbacke Nature Reserve, make a detour towards Ryssbergen and hike up the top and also visit the Kila-river Castle. The castle is probably older than the defense castle that was the foundation of Nyköpingshus. If it's a hot day, I usually pack the picnic basket for a day at the beach. Then I take the bike to Östigsnäs, here is a wonderful little sandy beach with fine-grained white sand.  

Here you will find the Nyköpingsborna 100 list!