Mariefred - for charming bike excursions and award-winning pastries

What does Mariefred have with its surroundings that can attract cycling excursions? We notice a lot when we talk to Robert Schweitz, who together with his wife Anna runs the charming Anna's home bakery in Mariefred. Robert is also an avid cyclist and offers here a number of nice suggestions for bike rides in and around the beautiful Lake Mälar. Perfect for home eaters!

Hi Robert! We are all affected by the Corona virus, how do you notice it in your business?

Above all, I would say that the business has changed. For obvious reasons, there are significantly fewer elderly people who are out and about doing business (as they should). Above all, this customer group gets help from dealing with relatives, alternatively we help them receive pre-orders that we can leave outside the bakery. Fewer also choose to have coffee on the spot with us, but at the same time more people buy coffee with them. However, the loss we have in some type of sales is helped by many now working at home instead of commuting from Mariefred. These now choose to shop locally here in Mariefred and often with the stated attitude that they really want to help the local stores survive this crisis. Which is fantastic!

Robert Switzerland
Robert SchweiTZ

How does it feel before the impending high season this summer?

Of course, we are worried about the summer. Mariefred is a seasonal city and the current situation makes it virtually impossible to plan for what kind of summer it will be. It is not optimal, but we can do like everyone else and take one day at a time simply.

We have just created a picnic package for those who want to enjoy a gofika in the open air. We think it will be perfect for those who simply want to make bike excursions and bring coffee to one of all the beautiful places in Mariefred. It could be Slottsparken, Hjorthagen or why not on one of the bridges along Lake Mälaren? If you want to go further out, there are plenty of places you can reach on a short bike ride.

Do you think this negative event can bring the positive that we Swedes discover Sweden to a greater extent? 

Yes, we believe and hope for that. Right now, it feels like travel restrictions outside one's own country will remain for quite some time. Then many will be referred to discover new strawberry spots in their immediate area instead. Mariefred is a wonderfully beautiful destination for cycling excursions, which is close to quite a few. In addition, we have incredibly beautiful surroundings so here you can get and experience not only our beautiful city but also the nature all around without having to be crowded. Something that is obviously important in these times.

You are a cyclist yourself. Do you have tips on good excursion destinations in the area?

Yes. In the immediate area there are lots of nice walks you can take with the family. Really close there are the Castle Park and Hjorthagen which are also made for a cozy picnic. You can also cycle through the beautiful bird song area on the way to Mariefred's beach bath located a little outside the city. If you want to go even further, I must recommend the beautiful area of use in Åkers Styckebruk, very nice environment and historic buildings as well as a utility museum that is well worth a visit. In addition, there is a nice separate bike path almost all the way there.

Bike excursion with both boat and train
Another really good tip is that it is possible to take a bike on both Mariefred's museum railroad and Ångbåten S / S Mariefred. Then the opportunity opens for cycling to the taxinge castle Taxinge castle and take the boat or train back to Mariefred (or vice versa). It's a height!

The gang from Anna's Home Bakery cycled Half-Water last year!

And for the road cyclist?
If you are a road cyclist and you want to cycle a little longer, there are lots of nice rides you can drive. I myself like to cycle along road 223 with detours around that road. Here you can adjust the length of the tour according to the taste and taste (and wind). Cyclists usually prefer that it is headwind home when you have been out on a longer trip. Here are nice paved roads with less traffic. Perfect for the road cyclist. If you cycle south, you just have to stop and taste the ice cream at Sterneborg's Chocolate in Björnlunda, then you can do many miles after that. If you continue northwest from Mariefred you come to Stallarholmen and beautiful Sela Island which has perfect circular trails for cyclists. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the fantastic view at the Åsa burial ground and replenish with new energy at Printz Bakery in the Yellow Industrial House before returning to Mariefred.

Curiosity: Did you know that Anna's Home Bakery was named Best Guide of the Year by White Guide 2016?