In Västerås you cycle beautiful leisure trips, MTB and downhill - and eat the hard-to-beat shrimp sandwich!

Mälarstaden Västerås has a long history of cycling joy, and the approaching summer is no exception. We have talked to Pernilla Törngren, destination developer at Visit Västerås, about some of the city's many gold grains. 

Hi Pernilla! In Västerås, cycling is really a tradition. Can you tell us some gold spots for the cyclist?
Yes, we are fortunate to have a large bicycle network in Västerås. A couple of years ago, the city created a cycle route between Björnöbron and Gäddeholm. A real gem. Once in front, both bathing, coffee and some shopping await in the newly opened commercial garden. If you want a paved bike lane all the way, the tip is a trip to Skultuna Messingsbruk. It is said that they serve Västmanland's best shrimp sandwich. Finally I would say bring the bike on the boat. The shipping company Mälarstaden has tours to both our islands and other cities.

Pernilla Törngren

Many people are interested in mountain biking today. What do you have to offer in that area?
Lots so clear! For beginners who may not have their own mountain bike, the tip is to rent a bike at Aktivt Uteliv at Björnögården. They show you the technology and you can try it out before you set off in the woods. In the Rocklund Forest there are paths with SM status, but there are also easier paths in the forests near Rocklunda. Gäddeholm also has mountain bike trails - the same place that I recommended as a golden place for the cyclist. If you want to go downhill then the tip is Vedbobacken where they have the lift cage downhill in the summer.

Read more about cycling in Västerås under 'travel destinations'. Shortly, a couple of brand new bike tours are also launched in the area here on the site. Perfect for summer bike excursions!