Guaranteed high quality of life for cyclists at Anna's Hotel

We at Sweden by Bike often get questions about packages and accommodation that we can recommend in different parts of the country. It never feels safer than when we recommend Anna's Hotel in Kristianstad in northern Skåne. We asked Anna herself to tell us about cycling experiences and much more of the good things in life that await her guests.

You run Anna's Hotel in Kristianstad and have many guests who cycle. Why do you think people should cycle in this part of Skåne?

Kristianstad is very well located for tourists. You can reach a large area in just over an hour by car (Växjö-Malmö-Ystad-Karlskrona). Many people therefore choose to stay here for several days because then you have great choices. You can cycle in our vicinity, and another day load the bikes on the car to cycle around Brösarp's slopes on beautiful Österlen and another day in the Blekinge archipelago.

annas hotell kristianstad sweden by bike - Guaranteed high quality of life for cycling guests at Annas Hotell

The Sydostleden passes through Kristianstad, right?

That's right, you can reach the intersection with both north and southbound cycle paths just 150 meters from the hotel. The Southeast Trail runs between Växjö and Simrishamn and goes via Kristianstad. As I see it, Kristianstad is a perfect starting point if you do not want to go all the 27 miles but want to cycle parts of it and stay in the same place. What I like about our surroundings is that many cycle paths run along old railway embankments. This means that there are no hills and no need to cycle alongside traffic or cross roads.

Do you have any specific tips for the Southeast Trail?

A variant is to cycle the Sydostleden south about 20 kilometers to Åhus. It is one of the country's best preserved medieval towns. Åhus also has one of the country's finest beaches and Sweden's most photographed pine tree. Here you can rest for a while, eat Otto's ice cream in the square next to the medieval church and cool off with a dip in the sea before cycling back to Kristianstad.

Something for those who want to take it easy?

A trip that most people, even inexperienced cyclists, can handle is to cycle around Råbelövssjön. From the hotel you cycle north and can choose between three bathing places in the northbound direction. When the tour turns south again at beautiful Ekestad, you cycle through apple orchards and pastures. Then you have Balsberget on one side and the beautiful lake on the other. Balsberget is a nature reserve and a nice recreational area with many hiking trails. You can park your bike and hike up the mountain to enjoy both coffee and views while taking magical pictures.


And for those who want to cycle a little further?

One of the best full-day tours starts by cycling south of the city towards Fjälkinge and Bäckaskog, where you turn north. If you're feeling really energetic, you can make a detour to Kjugekull, which is a primeval mountain area with an outdoor museum. Kjugekull has an international reputation for bouldering (free climbing). Otherwise, you pedal on until you are between the two lakes Ivösjön (Skåne's largest lake) and Oppmannasjön. There you pause at Bäckaskogsslott which has a nice castle garden and which you may recognize from Stars of the Castle. Then you pedal on up to Barum where you can take the ferry over to Ivön. It is actually one of the most fossil-rich places in the world. Then you pedal on through small villages up to Arkelstorp, where you turn south again and slowly glide along the old embankment back towards Annas Hotell. If you want, there are two nice bathing stops at Råbelövssjön before you arrive.

We've been working together for a long time, and Anna's Hotel always comes out on top in terms of customer reviews and other awards. Why do you think that is?

I think you can feel that I genuinely care about my guests, I ask questions and also like to give tips on things that I think the individual guest would have appreciated a little extra. Then it is actually the case that I want nothing more than to help fill my guests' stay with really good travel memories. Another thing is that I invest in my booked guests getting extra help in advance so that they can plan their days in the area in peace and quiet. Then I tell them about culture, nature and history because I think Kristianstad is an interesting small town. In my case, I therefore send out a well-filled, useful welcome letter that I have put together myself with my various local tips.

What could be the tips?

It can be anything from links to our fine theater embedded in Tivoli Park by Helge Å which occasionally offers world-class musicals. Furthermore, we have several fine museums, such as the Film Museum, which is housed in the first Swedish film studio, the Railway Museum, the Artillery Museum and our fine Regional Museum, which always offers interesting exhibitions with great breadth. After visiting the museum, you can replenish your energy with a visit to our spettekak bakery, which bakes spettekaka over an open fire.  

Kristianstad has a very special nature, doesn't it?

UNESCO itself has designated Vattenriket as a Biosphere Reserve. There you can visit our beautiful Naturum and hike or cycle in Linnaeus' footsteps. You can rent a canoe and paddle along Helge Å. We have plenty of nature reserves, the closest from the hotel is Norra Lingenäsets Nature Reserve. You can walk there in less than 10 minutes, and of course you can also cycle there. Then you can visit the bird towers along Lake Araslövssjön with your camera ready.

annas hotell kristianstad exterior sweden by bike - Guaranteed high quality of life for cycling guests at Annas Hotell

Other nice activities you usually recommend?

If you want to be a little extra active, you can cycle out to one of northern Europe's best karting tracks and do a few laps or go skydiving. Right next to the hotel you can challenge each other at the laser dome, shuffleboard, bowling, mini golf or paddle. If you want to take it a little easier, you can visit the Church of the Holy Trinity, which is the best preserved Renaissance church in the Nordic region. Just a few minutes' walk away is a brand new bathhouse with a fantastic relaxation area with several Aufguss sessions from morning to evening. A treat for tired muscles and something I myself have become a real fan of.

In Skåne there is a saying "Go' mad, möed mad å mad i rättan tid"

Of course, it's important to have pleasant dining experiences. I myself love good food, so of course I recommend my own favorite restaurants in the area. Since it's a popular area with a lot of visitors during the season, it quickly becomes fully booked. Therefore, I always advise my guests to book a table in advance and those who are smart, do it.


What can you tell us about the hotel that bears your name?

In addition to everything there is to do in the area, I think easy access to the hotel is a clear advantage, therefore free parking is included. The hotel also has some of its own bicycles that can be rented during the stay. For guests who bring their own bikes, there is either storage on their own locked bike rack on the car, among the hotel's rental bikes that are locked at the front or in the hotel's locked and alarmed basement. You choose what feels best. The welcome letter contains a link to the municipality's many cycle paths and information about them. Furthermore, a good, healthy and tasty breakfast is included with a fresh smoothie, organic and largely home-made products that recharge with good energy. If you are lucky with the Swedish summer weather, you take your breakfast on the porch under the morning sun accompanied by birdsong.

cyckla pa varen kristianstad annas hotell sweden by bike - Guaranteed high quality of life for cycling guests at Annas Hotell

Finally, do you have a favorite place of your own that you can tell us about when you go for a bike ride?

Since I do not have time to take any full-day trips outside the hotel, I can instead take the opportunity to take shorter trips to enjoy some family time. We like to jump on the bikes and pedal out to the far north of Norra Lingenäsets nature reserve, which is just a few minutes' cycling from the hotel. There is a nice glade with some barbecue areas. There we usually enjoy lunch and play some kubb. If the weather is boring or if I take an evening off, we like to cycle down to the center and a real adult gem that I just love. It's called Roxy bio-bar-bistro where we watch a movie while being served food and good drinks on the premises. Then just sit back and enjoy!

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