Can take the bike on a new ferry to Öckerö

It will be easier to take the bike on island luffing in Öckerö municipality. From June 26, you can take a ferry from Stenpiren in central Gothenburg to Hönö Klåva, which is a port on Hönö. The ferry will run four times a day Tuesdays through Sundays through August 19.   

It is Styrsöbolaget that will operate the route with the ship Kungsö. tourist contractor Bengt One who operates Bed & Bike Öckerö believes that the new ferry will mean a great deal for bicycle tourism in Öckerö municipality.
- This boat trip gives both the Gothenburgers and bicycle tourists who have come to Gothenburg via the Kattegatt Trail, for example, an island-luff feeling with all that it entails. The alternative they have had is 25 kilometers of cycling via oil refineries, car factory and along heavily trafficked roads. The ferry will be able to take about 20 bikes per trip. We believe that we will get many cycling tourists, both day visitors and overnight.

Will you be able to attract new target groups?
Hopefully, families with children on bicycles and older cyclists, but also others who have given up because the road has been uninteresting before. Then I believe in hikers, boulder climbers, those who come to swim and generally nature-interested guests.

Can you give any tips on an attraction to enjoy during the ferry ride?
The whole of Gothenburg's harbor inlet with ferry terminals, war harbor, harbor for old wooden boats, delicious housing and a little further out Älvsborg's fortress. The large container port with its giant port cranes. You will also see large parts of the southern and northern islands of the Gothenburg archipelago from the estuary and on the horizon you will also see the lighthouse and the arch at Vinga. You are also likely to encounter one and another larger vessel. On the way in to Hönö harbor, the fishing port on Fotö is passed and perhaps some vessel is in port.

Do you have any news about your bike packages out on Öckerö?
We have something we call "collect viewpoints", type trim orientation, where visitors are to visit all ten islands' highest point and viewpoints and collect pictures from them. We think many hikers, bikes, kayakers and boat or ferry to reach them. For this purpose, the municipality has printed a map where these points are included. If we receive more booking requests than we have space for, we now have a backup accommodation next door.