With autumn comes the fear of being cold. It gets cooler, darker, everyone is snoopy at work and school. How do you do to stay healthy so you can continue to work out at a decent level even in the fall and winter? Sweden by Bike asked the question Fredrik Ericsson who is a successful cyclist with more than 20 SM medals and World Cup experience from both mountain biking and cycling cross country and road. As a coach, he helped Jenny Rissved's take the 2016 Olympic gold.

Fredrik Ericsson runs the company Top Physics, which offers cyclists at different levels and in different disciplines trainer support. On the company blog he gives wise advice on how to stay healthy.

A small shoulder pick is that it can be good to stay at least 1.5 meters away from the person who is cold, that it can be good to gargle with bacteria killing when you have been in a crowd, that it is wise to take it a little calmer during the "dark" season and content to maintain the level you have reached during the high season, that vitamin D can help and not least to sleep properly, eat healthy and not stress.

Read all the advice here. We promise it's worth the effort!


Also read about Fredrik Ericsson's training advice: https://swedenbybike.com/inspiration/vintercykling-nyttigt-inslag-traningen/

Daniel Bergstrand

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