A gem to discover in Kindabygden

In little Björkfors in Kindabygden in Östergötland, Rick and Linda Veen run Björkfors Kajak & Hostel. Maybe it's because they are originally from the Netherlands that they can fully enjoy the beautiful landscape so much. Now they hope that other cyclists will discover the area with their ancient pastures, rich flora and forested mountain ridges. 

You run Björkfors Kajak & Hostel and are good cyclists. Why should you come to your area and cycle?

Here in the Kinda area, it is very beautiful to cycle. Nature is varied with forest, open landscape, lakes and various sights. Sometimes the landscape is quite hilly, so those who like challenges can also get a lot out of cycling here. 

What lessons have you taken with you from the cycling summer of 2020 that was all-time-high?

We did not get as many cyclist guests in 2020. The reason is simply that people do not know the area so far. When foreign tourists come by, they are often amazed at how beautiful it is. The lesson is that we need to market the cycling area better so that cyclists discover it. 

What is your favorite place when you take a bike ride yourself?  

There are many nice places where you can stop and look out over a lake, take a walk in one of the fantastic nature reserves or swim. If we are to choose a favorite place, it will be the Idhult nature reserve.