Bicycle race in Stockholm with many smiles

On Sunday, September 2, 2018, the STHLM Bike cycling race kicks off. No time is taken, but the focus is on the experience of cycling 50 kilometers through the beautiful Swedish capital. Sweden by Bike asked the person who took the initiative to start the race, Mirjam Wolf, to tell a little more. 

What type of cycling experience does the person who rides STHLM Bike get?
It is a 100% pleasure race. Own pace, chocolate ball, coffee and many smiles.

Any views along the course that are especially nice?
The fog over Strömmen in the early morning, Ulriksdal's castle park with its lushness, maybe you see cows and sheep at Djurgården. Another nice thing to see is Sveavägen without cars, the view from Fredhäll that many "Stockholmers" have never seen and the view over City Hall and the city from Västerbron.

Something to think about especially if you cycle? 
To have inflated tires at the start and a filled water bottle. We have arranged water depots, coffee, toilets and "bike mech" around the track, so if things go awry you get help. Most of all, we want you to take the chance to enjoy cycling in our fantastic city.

Do you notice that Stockholm is developing as a cycling city?
The race is a one-day experience, and we see many who take part in the race who do not cycle in the city every day. There is great potential.

Sthlm Bike in brief

  • 50 km car-free track
  • start and finish at the Royal Palace in Norrbro
  • 330 functionaries from associations in Stockholm
  • two energy and water stops
  • medical care and bicycle service around the track
  • toilets around the track
  • breakfast in goal


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Photo: STHLM Bike / Marika Nilsonne