2,070,000,000 invested in Copenhagen

Copenhagen was again named the world's best cycling city in 2016. During the Nordic Cycling Forum seminar at Doom of Visions in Stockholm, Marie Kåstrup, who is responsible for Copenhagen's cycling program, believed that a holistic view of cycling is behind the successes.

To succeed as a cycling city, one must look to the whole, says Marie Kåstrup. Quantity is important, there are 375 kilometers of cycle paths in the city today. Then there are many qualitative examples, such as using clear marker colors with restraint and in the right places so that the drivers do not lose their attention. The elegant bicycle bridge The bicycle hose creates psychologically important time gains and gives a feeling of "flying" over the water. And so on. It produces results.

- In 2016, more bicycles than cars passed through the center of Copenhagen, says Marie Kåstrup.

Then, of course, it's a matter of money. Since 2004, the city, the state and private players have invested DKK 2,070,000,000 in bicycle infrastructure.

- A lot of money, but not expensive for a bicycle trip, says Marie Kåstrup.

She warns of an optimistic superstition on self-driving cars as a solution to big cities' passenger transport in the future. For example, if it becomes possible to sit in the car and work, it can lead to one increased number of car transports compared to today. Not a reduction that many proponents of self-driving cars claim. And competition for the street space with bicycles and pedestrians remains.

- A car is a car, even if it is self-driving. The problem is that the automotive industry has better advertising and lobbying resources than the bicycle sector.

Nordic Bicycle Forum was organized at Doom of Visions on Valhallavägen on Thursday 31 August 2017. Doom of Visions is a collaboration between NCC and KTH. The moderator was Lars Strömgren, who is chairman of the Cykel promotion.

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