Upper 9: 9
Åsensbruk, Dalsland
fr. 455 SEK / pers
fr. 455 SEK / pers

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  • doneOne night in a silo compartment (for up to 4 people)
  • done1 x breakfast
  • doneFree Wifi

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

Valley artist Otto Hesselbom (1848-1913) had Upperud as a motif in several of his paintings. The choice of motif is easy to understand when you see Upperud 9: 9 reflected in the shiny water in Dalsland's canal. The stately red building is an old silo that has been remodeled with great regard to the characterful original architecture. You live in old silo compartments with high ceilings and French balconies against water and light.

The interior pictures are taken by Martin Gustavsson.

Sometimes they say that Dalsland is like a Sweden in miniature. Magnificent landscape with lots of water and forest. You can also find it at Upperud 9: 9 and on Fridays there is a pub with live music. The 360 km long Dalsland trail that winds through the landscape passes nearby and the accommodation has its own hiking package that follows the Dalsland pilgrimage path. Just a few kilometers away is the famous aqueduct in Håverud that goes high above the wild rapids. Dalsland's canal offers fantastic experiences for those who like to paddle or admire the landscape in a larger boat.

The kitchen offers breakfast and evening meals prepared from the ground up in your own kitchen, which has full rights. You can also bring a lunch bag on today's adventure. Very green, organic and local. The accommodation at Upperud 9: 9 offers unusual qualities. Very fresh room with sleeping loft, toilet and shower and dining area. You ascend via ladders or stairs. The view is beautiful and it can actually leave a grain of grain from the silo time in a gap. A fantastic environment for finding harmony and inspiration.

number of beds: At Upperud 9: 9 you live in the old silo compartments with walls of horizontal planks. The rooms are nicely inserted into old structures and modernly equipped, but there may still be a grain of wheat or two in the slots. French balconies open up to water and light. High ceilings create space and space for sleeping loft where stairs or ladders take you. All rooms have four beds, sleeping loft with stairs or ladders, kitchen and WC / shower and Wifi. Design and design language safeguard simplicity.

See and experience

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  • local_seeDals Rostock
  • local_seeDalsland Art Museum
  • local_seeHögsbyn's rock carving area
  • local_seeCultural use At Dal
  • local_seeOuter Bodane National Park
  • local_seeNordic Land Museum
  • local_seeCanoeing in Dalsland's canal
  • local_seeChurch of the Shepherd
  • local_seeSteneby Art Hall
  • local_seeThe view from Sörknatten

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