Guest house Lilla Sörgården
Färentuna, Uppland
fr. 400 SEK/pers
fr. 400 SEK / pers

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  • doneOne night in a double room
  • doneBed linen & towels
  • done1 x breakfast
  • doneFree Wifi

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

You do not have to come far from central Stockholm to enjoy a rural idyll. On Färingsö in Ekerö municipality in the town of Kungsberga, Lilla Sörgården is idyllic, scenic and not far from the water.

Both the Eker Island trail and the Mälardals Trail have its distance nearby (by car it takes only 25 minutes from Bromma's metro station). It is about neighborhoods with a long and exciting history. On Färingsö there is Svartsjö castle dating back to the 1300s and not far away are Björkö and Birka.

At Lilla Sörgården you have a view of green meadows and can enjoy flowering fruit trees when the season is in. One beautiful day you can get back in the hammock. In the morning, a homemade breakfast buffet appears in the guest house's dining room and on weekends you can pre-order dinner.

In the main building of the Summer Pension Lilla Sörgården there are five newly renovated rooms that all have their own style, how about the Gray Dotted Room or the Medallion Room for example? All have double beds and private or shared bathrooms. TV is available in a lounge. In addition there are individual style cottages that are rented weekly at Lilla Sörgården. It is also possible to rent a bicycle.

See and experience

  • local_seeBirka with Hovgården on Adelsö
  • local_seeDrottningholm Castle & Castle Theater
  • local_seeEkebyhov Castle
  • local_seeEkerö church
  • local_seeFärentuna church
  • local_seeChina Castle, 18th century Chinese-style pavilion
  • local_seeLovö church
  • local_seeSkytteholms Herrgård with Carl Mile's sculptures
  • local_seeThe quarry in Stenhamra
  • local_seeSvartsjö castle

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