Palstorp Adventure Farm and forest village
Nyköping, Södermanland
fr. 445 SEK/pers
fr. 445 SEK / pers

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  • doneLittle forest adventure (one night in a cottage) in the forest village
  • doneEntrance to Äventyrsgården's all activities
  • doneAccess to Skogsköket

Special service for cyclists

  • doneAccess to tools for simple repairs
  • doneLaundry and drying facilities for clothes
  • doneSecure bicycle storage

Just south of Nyköping is the bicycle-friendly accommodation Palstorp adventure farm and forest village. As the name suggests, there is plenty to do for those who like to have fun in the immediate vicinity of nature. Ideal for families with children who have a desire to play and a desire to climb. It is also an educational adventure to survive without electricity. You live in playfully built cottages without electricity and running water on the hillside at Palstorp adventure farm. 

At Palstorp, you can, among other things, climb obstacle courses in various difficulties for young and old. You can balance on a slack line and learn more about the forest animals along Tilda's nature trail, explore intricacies in the play barn, grill sausages and marshmallows around the campfire. Anyone who likes football golf has also come to the right place. You live in cottages with outdoor kitchens that are fired. In Skogsbyn, they do not use electricity without kerosene lanterns and candles. You can pick up drinking water at Palstorp's entrance. Dogs are welcome in the cabins, but must of course be on a leash.

  • Lilla Skogsäventyret: SEK 445 for adults, SEK 395 for children (3-16 years). You prepare your own included dinner in the lovely outdoor kitchen with wood-fired oven, wood stove and grill. Sit and cuddle around the campfire while the stars appear in the sky.
  • Stora Skogsäventyret: SEK 975 for adults, SEK 825 for children (3-16 years). Dinner basket (with Palstorp's forest pizza or game sausage dinner) and breakfast basket are included, which you prepare yourself in the lovely outdoor kitchen. In the evening, a sauna is included in Skogsbastun.

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  • local_seeNyköpinghus
  • local_seeNyköpingshus
  • local_seePalstorp Adventure Farm and Forest Village
  • local_seeSaint Nicolai Church
  • local_seeSörmlands Museum

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